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Ho-Oh is Emile's un-nicknamed Ho-Oh Pokémon Colosseum.

Pokémon Colosseum

Finale [Part 2]

After Emile defeated Evice, Ho-Oh was seen flying in the sky, having used Sacred Fire to prevent Evice from escaping by destroying the helicopter Cipher's leader tried escaping in..

Bonus 10

Ho-Oh was Emile's reward for defeating Mt. Battle.


Current Moves

  • Recover (Bonus 10 - Present)
  • Fire Blast (Bonus 10 - Present)
  • Sunny Day (Bonus 10 - Present)
  • Swift (Bonus 10 - Present)


  • Ho-Oh was the last Pokemon Emile obtained in Colosseum.
    • Like Plusle (given by Dakim), Saikou, and Baggage, Ho-oh was never a Shadow Pokemon