Diglett is Emile's un-nicknamed Diglett in Pokémon FireRed.

Pokémon FireRed Edit

Part 11 Edit

Diglett first appeared as Emile's first HM Slave, so he could use HM01 Cut.

Part 12Edit

Diglett's final appearance and only onscreen battle was against a wild Dugtrio Emile encountered in Diglett's Cave, which had already knocked out Meow Mix and Khold. Emile aimed to catch the Dugtrio, but Diglett's Magnitude 9 attack while the opposing Ground-Type was underground knocked it out, causing Diglett to grow to Level 19. After this, Emile replaced Diglett with Slave.

Moves Edit

Current Moves Edit

  • Magnitude (Part 11 - Present)
  • Cut (Part 11 - Present)
  • Scratch (Part 11 - Present)
  • Dig (Part 11 - Present)

Trivia Edit

  • Diglett was the first of Emile's many HM Slaves.
  • Diglett was a rare case of an actual temporary team member.
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