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Emile's Cranidos is a fossil Pokémon obtained by Emile in Emile's Pokémon Platinum LP.

Pokémon Platinum

Episode 16: Completing the Cycle

In the sixteen episode, Cranidos was previously from a Claw Fossil from the Underground and Emile headed to the museum in Oreburgh City. Emile talks to a guy that study's Pokémon fossils, and can revive the creature from a fossil. Emile then obtains the fossil after heading out of the building and heading back inside. He later put this Cranidos in his PC Box offscreen.

Last Episode

The Cranidos reappears again, as Emile shows all of his obtained Pokémon on his Pokémon journey.


  • This Cranidos was obtained on January 4th, 2016 according to its bio in the Last Episode.
  • The Cranidos has a Docile nature.
  • None of the Cranidos' moves have been revealed onscreen.