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Cobalion is Emile/Blair's un-nicknamed Cobalion in Pokémon Black & White. He is one of the Legendary Swords of Justice.

Pokémon White

Episode 36: The Swords of Justice

Emile approached Cobalion in the Guidance Chamber, its isolated nook in the Mistralton Cave, and the Legendary Pokémon attacked.

Emile sent out Hilbert, his Garbodor, to defend himself, and then threw a single Quick Ball. The unexpected capsule came close to capturing Cobalion, but he liberated himself at the last moment and Retaliated, dealing significant damage to Hilbert but taking a bit of damage in turn from his Rocky Helmet. It called to mind the memories of its comrades and used Helping Hand next, but with nobody to support, Cobalion's strength failed while Hilbert bolstered his own defenses with Stockpile. Irritated, Cobalion struck with Sacred Sword and Iron Head, bringing Hilbert within one strike of defeat, but the Poison-type stood strong, allowing Emile to throw another Ultra Ball but Cobalion broke free effortlessly, but after seeing the steadfastness with which Hilbert stood in protection of Emile, Cobalion called to mind again his own comrades. Understanding Emile's purpose, Cobalion stopped fighting, allowing Emile to capture it with his second Ultra Ball.


Cobalion has a Lonely Nature, increasing its Attack stat and decreasing its Defense stat. Additionally, its Characteristic is "Alert to sounds", meaning that its highest IV is in Speed.



  • Cobalion is the first Legendary Pokémon Emile caught in his Pokémon Black & White Let's Play (Mythical Pokémon being a different category).