Elesa is a character in Pokémon Black & White. She is the fourth Gym Leader of Unova, specializing in Electric-Type Pokémon.

Pokémon Black & White Edit

Episode 18: Resorting to Violence Edit

Elesa is mentioned by Juniper.

Episode 19: Strength Training Edit

Elesa meets Bianca, Emile/Blair, and Bianca's father, whose fight she intervenes in.

Episode 22: Queen Elesa Edit

Elesa is defeated with ease by Emile, who beats her using only Roc.

Episode 23: Daily Garbage Run Edit

West of Nimbasa City, Elesa walks with Emile and Cheren, when they run into Alder.

Episode 24: Bridging the Scrap Edit

Elesa helps Emile and Cheren cross the Driftveil City Drawbridge, and meets up with Clay on the other side.

Episode 28: Clay Achin' Edit

Before Emile and Clay's Gym Battle, Clay mentions that Elesa has taken a shine to Emile, which flatters Emile.

Trivia Edit

  • Elesa is the fourth Electric Type Gym Leader, the others being Lt. Surge, Wattson, and Volkner.
    • She is the first one to be female, though.
    • Like Surge and Volkner, she is blonde.
      • Her alternate career as a model might explain her hair color change from blonde to black in between Gen. V games. This career might also explain her choice of high heels for shoes in the first BW games, as models have to be experienced at wearing them. (Emile hasn't played that pair yet, but X and Y's Laverre City Gym Leader Valerie also has experience as a model, thus explaining her attire including high heels).
  • Elesa appears in the thumbnail of Pokémon Black & White - Episode 22: Queen Elesa and Episode 23: Daily Garbage Run.
  • Elesa is mentioned in the title of Pokémon Black & White - Episode 22: Queen Elesa.
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