Egbert is one of Emile's animal villagers in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Egbert is a Lazy villager, he is also a techno-geek.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Day 6: Ordinance Up!

Egbert moved from Leafside to Palette

Day 28: Vacation Time [Part 1]

Egbert got sick.

Day 30: Winter Solstice

Egbert recovered from his sickness.

September and October

Chugga gave Egbert a captain's monitor for his birthday.


  • Chugga gave Egbert a mars rover, which he displayed in his house.
  • Egbert was one of the first villagers in Emile's first Animal Crossing town.
  • Chugga made Egbert's greeting "Eggggggggggggggg." (actual number of g's may vary).
  • Chugga built a town clock in front of his house, so that Egbert would know when to get up and go "COCKADOODLEDOO!"
  • He is Chugga's only villager to move to Palette via streetpass.
  • Emile met an Alternate Universe version of him living in Wee P!mp during episode 28.
  • Emile gave Egbert an alternate-colored version of the same shirt he is already wearing to represent his "dark side", and he displayed it in his house.
  • Egbert is the only villager that got sick during the main LP.
  • He is a lazy villager, similarly to Chester and Biskit
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