"In-Tents Nightmares" is the 22nd episode of Emile's second LP of EarthBound.

Description Edit

"Threed might be safe from zombies, but we find it still has some spooky magic left..."

Summary Edit

All Emile does this episode is show off and test out the Tent Glitch, where if you stand in a corner inside the circus tent and spam L, the game goes haywire.

Trivia Edit

  • Ever since this episode aired, people have been flooding Chugga's twitter with pictures of them doing the glitch.
  • The reason this glitch occurs is due to the corner of the Circus Tent being placed in one of the corners of the map. The same glitch would occur if you were to press L at another corner; however, the other corners are inaccessible by normal means.
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