EarthBound (2018) is Emile's thirty-seventh Let's Play, which was announced on July 15th 2018. It started the next day, on July 16th 2018. This is Emile's first, and so far only, "redux" of a past series.

Description Edit

July 16th, 2018 - October 18th, 2018

One of my all-time favorite games, and what I consider one of the most important games ever created! If only I didn't use it up in my first attempts at making videos... Well, that's what this is for! This contains a lot of new information not known about prior.

Pre-production Edit

Emile talked about doing some book reading in preparation for his "next big project", most likely LP 37. This could imply a game with a heavy mythology, as he did research reading prior to his LP of Okami.[1]

On January 21, Emile Tweeted about needing to prepare for the next LP.[2]

On July 15, Emile revealed that his next let's play will be Earthbound after the original series was released.

Clues Edit

At the end of Pokémon Black & White - Alder History, Emile mentions a hint before the POST-post-game started...

"And then, join us again after that, for something I haven't done before, but HAVE done before, see you guys then."


Running Jokes and Gags Edit

Running Gag/Joke Explanation
"Hello, it's your dad." Approximately every 2 hours of non-stop play, EarthBound will send an in-game phone call from Ness's father, encouraging the player to take a break. This textbox always begins with the phrase "Hello, it's your dad", leading to some funny moments of its timing (one time, notably, with a Mr. Saturn).
"In Japan," Throughout the LP, Emile notes differences between the Japanese and American localisations, often beginning with "In Japan,". This had become so frequent Emile has started to introduce the topic by saying "Say it with me: IN JAPAN,".
Pray Emile frequently uses Paula's "Pray" ability (that can wield varying results,) and has had much bad luck with it.
Jeff getting Mike Wazowski'd Whenever the Camera Man appears, Jeff's face is frequently hidden or obscured by something, similar to Mike Wazowski in Monsters Inc.

Episodes Edit

  1. Second Impact
  2. Onett for Life
  3. Franky, Be Good
  4. Shining in Darkness
  5. Showing Officer
  6. Cycle Begins Anew
  7. Everdread Work?
  8. Oak Territory
  9. Blue Scene of Death
  10. What's the Use of Feeling Blue?
  11. The Second Step
  12. Death Parade
  13. Runaway Bus
  14. Parasite Threed
  15. Trail Goes Cold
  16. Winter's End
  17. Threed's Company
  18. Saturn Based RPG
  19. Puking Blood
  20. Milky Way
  21. The World Changed
  22. In-Tents Nightmares
  23. Dune and Dusty
  24. Fourside Quest
  25. I'm a Miner, Stop!
  26. The Fifth-Third
  27. Evil Salesman
  28. When I Accidentally Stepped into an Alternate Dimension
  29. Come, Lies Doom Towne
  30. Monkey on my Back
  31. Siding with the Man
  32. See You on the Fourside
  33. Coming Full Circle
  34. Summers Here
  35. Stoic Chief
  36. The Boy of My Dreams
  37. Lifelike Exhibits
  38. The Great, Mighty Poo
  39. Kraken Open a Cold One
  40. Dynamo Duo
  41. Desert Dash
  42. Getting to the Point
  43. I Want You Inside Me
  44. Yellow Submarine
  45. Swamp Things
  46. Tenda Years
  47. Stonehenge Base
  48. We're Sort of Kings
  49. Social Studies
  50. The Hole in the Hall
  51. Lost World
  52. The Kid That Roared
  53. High in Minerals
  54. I Magicant Even
  55. Welcome to Your Nightmare
  56. Darkness Falls Across the Land
  57. Giygas
  58. Walking Together
  59. Walking Toward the Future
  60. Episode Tent
  61. Bonus Episode

Trivia Edit

  • This is Emile's first redux of a previous let's play
  • Emile has died several times in this LP, while he had 0 (with the exception of when he did so on purpose) in his original LP of EarthBound.

Memorable Moments Edit

  • Ness's favorite homemade food is "Beeeef!"
  • T-O-O Bad!
  • Episode 19 being a train wreck because of using Pray TWICE!
  • All of Episode 22 just being Chugga testing out the tent glitch.
  • "Hello, it's your dad."
  • Inventory being full all the time.
  • Jeff getting Mike Wazowski'd all the time.
  • Having to use a Cup of Lifenoodles on Jeff after dying to a Foppy smash attack.
  • Randomly getting the sudden guts pill after a battle.
  • Getting the rare Magic Fry Pan twice in one episode.
  • Accessing the Debug Menu in Episode Tent

References Edit

  3. Pokémon Black & White - Episode 79: Alder History
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