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EVE fan-art

EVE, otherwise known as Robot Eve, is a major character in Mother.

Mother Edit


In-game EVE

EVE first appeared in Part 32: Itoi is A Toy. She then joined the Party and protected Ninten, Ana and Lloyd. In Part 33: Thank you, Eve., she continued to protect the group all the way through the rest of their climb of Mt. Itoi. Once they neared the summit, she battled alongside Ninten & co. against the R•7038XX. The R•7038XX and EVE clashed, but EVE's efforts proved futile. EVE ultimately had to self-destruct in order to destory R•7038XX  and save the kids. EVE's sacrifce proved to not be in vain, as her death allowed the kids to get the final melody from her body, then move on and defeat Giygas.

The End of EVE

Destroyed EVE fan-art

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