"Wanted: This Duck. Human Included." ~ Jon

Dokapon Kingdom Episode 92: 100% Off is the 92nd episode of TheRunawayGuys' collab of Dokapon Kingdom.

Players Edit

Plot Edit

The guys continue their run of Dokapon Kingdom. Tim notably fails to rob Hans the Arms Dealer, resulting in "Wanted: This Duck". Tim is able to liberate a town before then, and Jon levels up to 59 before returning to the Sunken Shrine.

Memorable Moments Edit

  • "Wanted: This Duck" after Tim fails to rob Hans
    • The duck part was a result of Tim using the ducky hairstyle at the time.
    • "Wanted: This Duck" comes in an animated form titled "Robbery Sale"; Yoshi, Tim's usual animated form, has a duck on his head to represent the ducky hairstyle, with Jon acting as Hans, Chuggaa being DK with a magician hat, and a guest appearance by Lucahjin and Bagel.
      • The guest appearances are mainly due to Jon's Hans imitation being at the point where Hans' wife was mentioned.
    • This moment made the official Top 15 as #2, complete with animation; only Emile attacking Jon instead of Overlord Rico at the end of Chapter 7 ranked higher.

Trivia Edit

  • The title "100% Off" is a reference to the fact that shops can be robbed and when successful, the obtained items are acquired completely free.
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