Dokapon Kingdom - Episode 58- Murder by Tim

Dokapon Kingdom - Episode 58- Murder by Tim

"Four-o-four, enemy not found anymore because it is dead."
Chuggaaconroy, about an enemy he killed
"Murder by Tim" is the 58th episode of TheRunawayGuys' Collab of Dokapon Kingdom. The episode was published on June 28th, 2016. The episode is 14 minutes and 8 seconds long.

 Description Edit

"We deal with the intense conditions dealt by Tim! ...No, not his gas."

Summary Edit

The guys continue their journey through the world. At the start of the video, Proton Jon is escorting Princess Penny back to her father, Darkling Timbo is hunting Jon, Chugga .

Turn-by-turn Edit

Proton Jon I Edit

Jon and Penny flee Darkling Timbo. Jon gets into a fight with a Lv. 10 Crawler, who he kills in one hit.

Timbo I (Darkling) Edit

Timbo gets 10 Dark Arts points. Timbo then gets into a battle with Jon. Timbo kills Jon with a single slash of his sword. Timbo then punishes Jon with the "Baldy" hairstyle. Timbo then begins escorting Princess Penny.

Chugga I Edit

In Llana, Chugga gets into a battle with a Lv. 25 Gryffon. Chugga takes a blast of fire from the Gryffon. Chugga then stabs it once, killing it.

Proton Jon II Edit

Jon pays 145,000 Gold to Angelo in order to be revived. He comes back to life with a balding head, goofy glasses, and a fake nose and mustache. Jon visits Xishan, one of his towns. Jon collects 8,450 Gold in taxes from the Xishan mayor, the mayor gives him a Xishan Duck as a present, Jon donates 5,408 Gold to Xishan, then Jon stays the night.

Timbo II (Darkling) Edit

Timbo gets 40 Dark Arts points. Timbo and Penny travel east, "towards the mountains".

Chugga II Edit

Chugga visits Granada, one of his towns. Chugga collects 4,469 Gold in taxes from the Granada mayor, Chugga donates 3,488 Gold to Granada, then Chugga stays the night.

To Be Completed

Enemies Encountered Edit

  • Crawler (Lv. 10)
  • Gryffon (Lv. 25)

To Be Completed

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is the first one in a while to be under 20 minutes in length.
  • The thumbnail features a Gryffon battled by Chugga on his first turn.
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