Dokapon Kingdom - Episode 57- Alchemy, My Dear!

"Alchemy, My Dear!" is the 57th episode of TheRunawayGuys' Collab of Dokapon Kingdom. The episode was published on June 25th, 2016. The episode is 31 minutes and 10 seconds long.

 Description[edit | edit source]

"This would be super broken if it weren't BUGGED!"

Summary[edit | edit source]

The guys continue their journey through the world. At the start of the video, Proton Jon is traveling Asiana, Chugga is traveling the Lost Forest. while Timbo is on his last leg in a battle with a Treant.

Turn-by-turn[edit | edit source]

Jon I[edit | edit source]

In Asiana, Jon gets into a battle with a Lv. 1 Bandit. Jon then kills the Bandit.

Timbo I[edit | edit source]

Timbo continues his battle with a Treant. Timbo, while paralyzed, dodges the Treant's Squeeze attack.

Chugga I[edit | edit source]

Chugga makes his way to the end of the Lost Forest and gets into a fight with a Tarantula. He kills the Tarantula and goes from Lv. 38 to Lv. 39.

Jon II[edit | edit source]

The Big Bug eats Proton Jon's Conjure spell. Proton Jon then travels to his town of Danube and collects 924 Gold from the Danube Mayor.

Timbo II[edit | edit source]

Timbo is killed by the Treant and he's carried off by Angels. He drops 198,230 Gold.

Chugga II[edit | edit source]

Chugga uses a 1 Crystal to exit the Lost Forest.

Rico Jr. I[edit | edit source]

In Casino Cave, Rico Jr. uses a spell and takes 26,112 Gold from the towns of Groat, Volga, and Duwamish.

Jon III[edit | edit source]

Proton Jon uses a Death Call on Chugga. As a result, the Reaper appeared behind Chugga, and he can only be repelled by Chugga defeating Jon. Jon then goes to the Weapons Store and sees Hans. Jon sells his Magic Key, a Trap Dodger, a Stl-Bru, and a Conjure spell to Hans, in order to get rid of the Big Bug. Jon then leaves the store.

Timbo III[edit | edit source]

Timbo is resting.

Chugga III[edit | edit source]

Chugga has 9 days left to kill Jon. He heads toward Casino Cave and gets into a battle with a Worm. Chugga kills the worm with a Scorcher. He trades abilities from Restrict for Afterburn.

To Be Completed

Enemies Encountered[edit | edit source]

  • Bandit (x1)
  • Treant (x1)
  • Tarantula (x1)
  • Worm (x1)

To Be Completed

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This episode features the return of live commentary.
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