"Off-Topic Discussion" is the 55th episode of TheRunawayGuys' Collab of Dokapon Kingdom.

 Description Edit

"Where's Dokapon been? You know, uh… heh heh… it's the funniest thing..."

Summary Edit

(Due to a technical error, this episode is post commentated)
The guys continue their journey through the world. At the start of the video, Timbo begins to climb Daunting Mountain, Emile continues to travel across Llana, and Jon sets out from Dokapon Castle in Asiana. Later, Timbo gets the Contract needed to go Darkling.

 Turn-by-turn Edit

To Be Added

Enemies Encountered Edit

  • To Be Added

Trivia Edit

  • This mini-series of episodes (This episode and the episodes before and after) feature the rare appearance of post-commentary.
  • Emile says "Agnes" and it's bleeped as a goof.
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