"Three-Way Race" is the one-hundred-and-twentieth episode of Dokapon Kingdom.

Description Edit

"Round and round we go! We get lots of money too! We also struggle to get the jackpot we want!"

Summary Edit

The guys continue to play; Jon is still wanted, Tim and Emile continue to climb the Tower of Rabble. Emile battles a Demon and loses his Deathblock. Tim and Emile both battle Behemoths, and Timbo is forced to Give Up. Jon encounters Weber. Emile encounters Mitch. Emile challenges Overlord Rico.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is the first 121st episode of one of Emile's LPs or Collabs.
  • This episode was recorded in 2016, but uploaded in 2018.
  • Emile references Castle Crashers.
  • Tim and Emile land on a lot of money spaces, earning themselves a lot of G. Most of them were them using Super Spinners trying to climb the Tower of Rabble.
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