A dog is a character in Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Kid Icarus: UprisingEdit

Chapter 18: The Ring of ChaosEdit

After the Girl trips and drops the Ring of Chaos, the ring is picked up by the Dog, which gives Pit control over his body. From there he runs the rest of the way to the Decimated Town and maneuvers through the wreckage until he spots Magnus, who is fighting off Centurions. Wanting to get his attention, Pit hops onto Magnus's back and shoves the Ring of Chaos in his face until he grabs it, causing Pit to lose control over the Dog's body. Afterwards, the Dog jumps off of Magnus's back and waits around for a bit as Magnus throws the ring behind him, then the Dog runs off.

They converse during their journey to the Seafloor Palace, where Thanatos is leading the Underworld Army. When Pit arrives at the Palace, Poseidon announces that he has closed the sea and wishes the pair good luck as he bids them farewell.

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  • The dog was a stray.[2]

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