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Derpidius was Chuggaaconroy's Bidoof in Pokémon Platinum.

Pokémon Platinum

Episode 2: Dawning the Tutorials

Derpidius first appeared when he was captured by Emile and Bodhi while they were traversing Sinnoh Route 202.

Episode 18: Simply a Catch

Emile captured a Bibarel and transferred Bidoof's soul into Bibarel.

Episode 30: Crashing and Burning

Bidoof was confirmed to be alive when he was seen in Emile's PC.

Derpidius Lives! (Top right corner)


Memorable Moments

  • In Episode 4: Route or Burgh?, after noticing that Bidoof had not yet picked up any items, Emile realized that its ability was Unaware and that Bidoof could not have the Pickup Ability at all, confusing it with Slavinator from Pokémon Emerald.
    • Minutes later, he encountered an NPC in Oreburgh City who raved about Pickup being his favorite Ability.
  • In Episode 16: Completing the Cycle, during a cut, Derpidius' ID's number matched one of the lottery numbers, winning Chugga an Ultra Ball.


  • He has an Impish nature, he is somewhat of a clown, and he likes sour food.