Derpidius is Chuggaaconroy's Bibarel in Pokémon Platinum.

Pokémon Platinum[edit | edit source]

Episode 18: Simply a Catch[edit | edit source]

Emile captured Bibarel and transferred the soul of Bidoof, Emile's old HM Slave, into Bibarel (Despite Bidoof being a male).

Episode 52: Distortion World[edit | edit source]

While in the Distortion World and due to the lack of encounters, she was able to lead Emile and his team to Cyrus and Giratina.

Episode 81: Out of Time, Out of Place[edit | edit source]

Derpidius was sent out against the god of time itself, Dialga and Emile caught the Temporal Pokemon in a Luxury Ball, making a funny scenario.

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