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Deerjeling is Emile/Blair's Deerling in Pokémon White.

Pokémon Black & White

Episode 27: You Always Change

The second Deerling he battled, Emile/Blair caught Deerjeling in his Summer form on Route 6 using Haywire, to complete a sidequest. Emile showed the scientist on that Route Deerjeling in his Summer form, and then manipulated the clock to show him in his Autumn, Winter, and Spring forms as well. For his efforts, Emile received a Leaf Stone.

Episode 29: Charge N Up

Deerjeling, along with the rest of Emile's catalog of Pokémon, was seen in the PC when Emile was looking for a Pokémon to teach Fly.


Deerjeling has an Impish Nature, increasing his Defense stat and decreasing his Special Attack stat.


Nickname Origin

Deerjeling is a pun of 'deer,' the species that it takes the form of, and Darjeeling, a district and town in West Bengal, India. It was most likely a reference to the eponymous tea brewed there, renowned as 'The Champagne of Teas.'



  • Emile nicknamed Deerjeling himself.