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Darmani is Emile's Donphan in Pokémon Crystal. He was the second Pokémon to join his team.

Pokémon Crystal

Part 3

The episode began with Odairu fighting against a Level 2 male Phanpy with Tackle and Growl as its attacks; the Water-Type had already weakened it with a Scratch attack, to which the Phanpy responded with Growl. Emile then tossed one of his Poké Balls, and successfully captured the Ground-Type, though Emile did not nickname him at the time. Due to the ease with which Emile both found and captured him, he considered Darmani a lucky Phanpy, which he confirmed upon checking his stats, and seeing that all five were 7s.

Offscreen due to footage Emile was forced to cut, Darmani grew to Level 4. Shortly afterwards, he defeated a wild Hoothoot, and grew to Level 5.

Darmani battled Youngster Joey's Rattata. He landed a Tackle attack that did little damage, and after that, Emile switched him out for Odairu.

Offscreen, while Emile was searching for a wild Bellsprout, Darmani grew to Level 6. In the process, however, he lost two-thirds of his health and, courtesy of a wild Spinarak, was poisoned. When Emile finally found a Bellsprout, a Level 5 female that knew only Vine Whip, Darmani Tackled it to weaken it. After that, however, he lost a third of his remaining HP to the poison, and one Vine Whip from the Bellsprout took out what remained.

Part 4

Phanpy battled a wild Hoothoot on Route 36, growing to Level 7 in the process.

Darmani then took on the first two Growlithes that Emile attempted to catch on Route 36. The first one lost a bit of its HP to Darmani's Tackle, but it immediately retaliated with Roar, ending the battle.

The second Growlithe Emile found used Bite in response to Darmani's Tackle. They exchanged blows for three turns, during which Growlithe took out most of Darmani's HP, Emile crooning encouragement all the while, but like the first Growlithe, this one also used Roar. After that, Emile switched Odairu to the front of the party in Darmani's place.

Part 5

Emile briefly sent out Darmani to gain experience against Sage Li's Hoothoot in Sprout Tower due to him being under-leveled. Darmani used a critical Tackle to weaken it, but upon seeing that the hit depleted less than a fifth of the Hoothoot's HP, he switched him out for Roary. He repeated the process with Li's second Bellsprout, and the resulting experience made him grow to Level 8.

Emile repeated the process against Bird Keeper Abe's Spearow in Violet City Gym.

Part 6

Amidst Emile's grousing about his poor current moves, Darmani battled Bird Keeper Rod's second Pidgey, losing over half of his HP but defeating it with repeated Tackles, growing to Level 9 and learning Defense Curl in the process.

Offscreen, Emile used the TM31 he received from Falkner to teach Darmani Mud-Slap.

In the Ruins of Alph, Darmani battled a wild Unown. Emile cut the battle before it ended.

Part 7

Emile briefly sent Darmani out against Fisher Ralph's Goldeen, but immediately switched him out for Odairu. The resulting experience was enough to make him grow to Level 10.

He later battled a pair of wild Rattata in Union Cave, growing to Level 11 in the process.

Part 8

Darmani battled Hiker Russell, defeating his severely under-leveled Geodude with a Mud-Slap before failing to take out more than half of his second Geodude's HP with another Mud-Slap, which used up the last of Darmani's PP for the move. Emile cut the rest of the battle out.

Darmani defeated a wild Rattata soon after.

Offscreen, Darmani grew to Level 12, but lost much of his HP due to wild Zubat using Supersonic to confuse him.

Part 9

Darmani battled the first Team Rocket Grunt in the Slowpoke Well. He lost almost all of his HP to the attacks of the two Rattata that the Grunt sent out, but ultimately, his three-Level advantage earned him the victory. Emile then healed offscreen at the Pokémon Center.

Darmani then battled the second Grunt in the Slowpoke Well, once again struggling some. Her Zubat successfully struck with Supersonic, eroding over a third of the Phanpy's HP with the resulting confusion, but used only the weak Leech Life attack besides that, leading Darmani to finish it with repeated Tackle attacks. As the experience from that fight caused Darmani to grow to Level 13, Emile then switched him out for Odairu as the Grunt sent out her Ekans, and after the battle, Emile switched Roary to the front of the party in Darmani's place.

Part 11

After the second rival battle with Eyan and healing his team at the Azalea Pokémon Center, Emile switched Darmani back to the front of the party in Odairu's place.

Offscreen, Darmani battled a wild Level 6 male Sandshrew in Union Cave, taking little damage but weakening it significantly so that Emile could catch it as an HM slave. Emile nicknamed him Josh and used HM01 to teach him Cut.

Part 12

Darmani battled a wild Jigglypuff on Route 34 while Emile detailed the new wild Pokémon on that Route, growing to Level 15 in the process.

Darmani later battled Super Nerd Eric in the Goldenrod City Underground and defeated him with ease, Mud-Slap making short work of both of Eric's two Grimers.

Emile briefly sent out Darmani against PokéManiac Donald in the Underground, but upon seeing that his first Pokémon was a Slowpoke, switched him out for Roary.

Part 13

Darmani began the battle against Lass Carrie's Snubbull in Goldenrod Gym. He lowered the Snubbull's accuracy with Mud-Slap, but dealt little damage while losing 20% of his HP to the higher-leveled Pokémon. Emile subsequently switched him out for Roary, who had finally received his nickname.

Offscreen, Darmani grew two Levels to Level 17, and learned Flail in place of Defense Curl.

Darmani then took part in the battle against Gym Leader Whitney, switching in from Roary to battle her Miltank. Emile intended to use Mud-Slap to prevent her powerful Rollout attack from building power, but her Attract completely immobilized Darmani. The Phanpy endured Rollout for four turns, and Emile switched out to his Hoothoot and then Josh as sacrifice plays, using the free turn to heal Darmani with a Super Potion. Emile mistakenly ordered Darmani to use Tackle when he took the field again, dealing a sliver of damage to Miltank while Miltank's Stomp took out a massive chunk of Darmani's HP. Miltank then resumed using Rollout, and Darmani began using repeated Mud-Slap attacks. Miltank struck only twice with Rollout before missing, and then missed with a Stomp attack also. After using four Mud-Slap attacks, Emile considered healing Darmani, but decides against it due to the Miltank's severely reduced accuracy. Darmani struck it with another Mud-Slap, but before he could use a sixth one to reduce Miltank's accuracy to the minimum, she managed to land a Stomp attack, depleting Darmani's remaining HP.

Part 14

Emile mentioned Darmani during the Goldenrod Radio Tower's questionnaire, when they asked if a Pokémon that only appeared in the Morning existed, referencing Phanpy as one such Pokémon.

Later, Emile chose Darmani from his team to use in the Bug Catching Contest.

Part 15

In National Park, Darmani fled from a wild Venonat and Beedrill before encountering a Pinsir. A lengthy battle ensued in which Darmani lost most of his HP to repeated Bind and Vicegrip attacks before Emile caught the Pinsir.

Darmani later battled against the wild Level 20 female Sudowoodo on Route 36, depleting her HP to the red zone with repeated Mud-Slap attacks while taking some damage from her Low Kick. Emile then caught the Sudowoodo in a single Poké Ball.

Shortly afterwards, in a mostly cut battle against a wild Growlithe, Darmani fainted after taking out slightly more than a third of its HP.

Part 16

In another mostly cut battle against a wild Growlithe, Darmani fled from battle when it uses Roar.

Offscreen, Darmani grew to Level 18.

In National Park, Emile obtained a Quick Claw from a teacher NPC, and gave it to Darmani. Emile also obtained TM28, and attempted to use it to teach Dig to Darmani, but much to his chagrin, found that Phanpy is incapable of learning it, and subsequently taught it to Roary instead.

In the Ecruteak Dance Studio, Darmani battled against Kimono Girl Zuki's Umbreon. He proved to be slower than the Dark-type, and his attacks did little damage. Emile cut most of the battle, but Darmani ultimately won after losing half of his HP, growing to Level 19 as a result.

Darmani then battled Kimono Girl Sayo's Espeon. The Psychic-type used Tail Whip for the first few moves, while Darmani repeatedly uses Tackle. Just as Emile began to grouse about Espeon's move choice, it used Confusion to deplete most of Darmani's remaining HP, and then knocked him out with a critical Tackle before the Phanpy could deal the finishing blow.

Part 17

Darmani began the third rival battle against Eyan in the Burned Tower, battling his Haunter. He lost a quarter of his health to the Ghost-Type's Curse attack, but with its HP halved, two Mud-Slap attacks proved to be enough to knock it out. Emile then switched out Darmani for Roary as Eyan sent out his Bayleef.

Darmani switched back in from Roary as Eyan sent out his Zubat. His Tackle attacks did little damage compared to the bat's Bite attacks, which nearly depleted his HP. However, Emile then had Darmani use Flail, and with the power boost of Darmani's low HP, the Zubat fainted, and Darmani gained almost enough experience to level up.

Darmani then battled Eyan's Magnemite. With a damage multiplier of x6, Darmani's Mud-Slap nearly knocked the Electric/Steel-Type out, but to Emile's chagrin, it survived, and knocked out Darmani with a Sonicboom attack.

Part 18

Darmani battled most of the trainers in the Ecruteak Gym, though he switched in and out repeatedly with the newly caught Methane to give the under-leveled Koffing some much-needed experience; in the midst of this, Emile stated in response to several viewers' questions that he fully intended to expand Darmani's move pool with TMs before taking on the Gym Leader.

Emile performed the above switching process with Sage Ping, Medium Grace, Sage Jeffrey, and Medium Martha, cutting out most of the first and third fights and all of the second. From what Emile showed, however, Darmani's Type advantage against the part-Poison Ghosts along with their tendency to cut their own HP in half with Curse resulted in Darmani decimating them with little effort, and subsequently growing two Levels to Level 21.

Part 19

Offscreen, Darmani grew to Level 22, and Emile used his TM02 to teach him Headbutt in place of Growl, and his TM04 to teach Rollout in place of Tackle.

Darmani began the battle against Gym Leader Morty, switching in immediately from Methane against Morty's Gastly. Gastly used Lick, and despite Emile's pleas, the move succeeded in paralyzing Darmani, much to Emile's frustration. Emile accurately predicted that the Gastly would use Curse during the turn he used a Paralysis Cure Berry, but Darmani used Mud-Slap to knock Gastly out before he, Darmani, could take any damage. Emile then switched out Darmani for Roary as Morty sent out his first Haunter.

Darmani switched back in as Morty sent out his Gengar, his strongest Pokémon. Emile elected to use Rollout, and Darmani subsequently depleted most of Gengar's HP, dodging three Hypnosis attacks before a fourth successfully immobilized him. Gengar then used a critical Dream Eater to knock Darmani out and recover almost all of his HP.

After Odairu finished the battle, Emile healed his team at the Ecruteak Pokémon Center.

Part 20

Emile used HM04 to teach Darmani Strength in place of Headbutt.

Part 21

Offscreen, Emile took the Quick Claw and gave Darmani Soft Sand instead.

Part 22

Darmani took part in the battle against Mystical Man Eusine north of Cianwood City, battling his Electrode, his strongest Pokémon, after it knocked out Vui. Electrode's quadruple-powered Rollout struck Darmani, but the Phanpy endured with relative ease before attacking with Mud-Slap. Unfortunately, the weak Ground-Type attack barely failed to knock Electrode out, and its max-powered Rollout the following turn proved to be more than Darmani could endure, knocking him out.

Part 23

Offscreen, Darmani grew two Levels to Level 24, and Emile gave him his nickname.

Darmani battled against Black Belt Yoshi's Hitmonlee in Cianwood Gym. He hit the Fighting-Type with two Mud-Slap attacks, but Hitmonlee's Double Kick and Jump Kick attacks swiftly depleted Darmani's HP, nearly knocking him out. Emile subsequently switched him out for Methane, but the resulting experience made Darmani grow to Level 25, upon which Emile declined letting him learn Take Down.

At the end of the battle, Darmani evolved into Donphan, and Emile subsequently declined letting it learn Fury Attack.

Darmani briefly came out against Black Belt Lao's Hitmonchan before Emile switched him out for Methane.

During a cut battle against Black Belt Nob, Darmani grew to Level 26.

Darmani began the battle against Gym Leader Chuck, battling his Primeape. His repeated Mud-Slap attacks depleted most of Primeape's HP while simultaneously preventing it from fighting back, and a Strength attack finished it before it could hit more than once. Darmani subsequently grew to Level 27.

Darmani then battled Chuck's Poliwrath. Emile's strategy was to use Mud-Slap repeatedly to force Poliwrath to use Mind Reader repeatedly, resulting in plenty of free hits. However, Poliwrath moved first, and his Surf attack reduced Darmani to a single hit point. Darmani managed to use Mud-Slap, but Poliwrath used Surf once again, which hit Darmani and knocked him out.

Part 24

Darmani began the battle against Olivine Gym Leader Jasmine, battling her first Magnemite. It dealt a notable amount of damage with a Sonicboom attack, but two Mud-Slaps easily depleted its health, knocking it out and causing Darmani to grow to Level 28.

Darmani then battled her Steelix, her strongest Pokémon. Two Mud-Slap attacks dealt a notable amount of damage, but after Steelix landed a powerful Iron Tail, Emile switched Darmani out for Odairu.

Darmani switched back in as Jasmine sent out her second Magnemite, and knocked it out with a single Mud-Slap attack, earning Emile the Mineral Badge and the sight of Mud-Slap one-shotting something, which he never expected to see.

Part 27

Offscreen, Darmani grew to Level 29.

Darmani battled a Team Rocket Grunt on the floor of the generator in the Rocket Hideout in Mahogany Town, defeating his two Venonats with one Rollout each.

Offscreen, Darmani grew to Level 30.

Part 28

Darmani finished the battle against Team Rocket Executive Ariana, battling her Murkrow. It used Peck twice, dealing a small amount of damage to Darmani before Darmani knocked it out with two Rollout attacks.

Part 29

Immediately before battling Mahogany Gym Leader Pryce, Emile switched Darmani to the front of the party in place of Vui. Darmani subsequently began the battle against Pryce, battling his Seel. Emile went for a risky play—and the one Ash used—by using Rollout, and though the first combo broke immediately and Darmani lost more than half his health to repeated Ice attacks, he knocked out Seel with ease. Emile then declined switching Darmani out as Pryce sent out his Dugong, but the Water/Ice-Type proved faster, and wiped out Darmani's remaining HP with an Aurora Beam.

Part 30

Darmani finished the battle against a Team Rocket Grunt on the ground floor of the Goldenrod Radio Tower, knocking out his second Raticate with a Strength attack after it defeated Roary.

Emile then healed his team offscreen.

Darmani later battled another Grunt on the second floor, switching in from Roary. The Grunt's Zubat missed with Supersonic and dealt only 2 damage with Leech Life, and though Darmani missed his first Rollout, his second instantly knocked out the Zubat, and the Grunt's second Zubat fainted just as quickly to the next Rollout.

Darmani then battled another Grunt, once again switching in from Roary. Grimer took the turn from Emile switching to use Harden, and then attempted to use Disable as Emile began a Rollout combo. Disable missed, and Grimer then used Sludge, causing Emile to praise Grimer's stupidity due to Poison's disadvantage against a Ground-Type like Darmani, though that quickly turned to exasperation when Sludge's second effect poisoned Darmani. From there, however, Darmani's Rollout dominated the battle, finishing the Grunt's Grimer with its third strike, knocking out his Muk in one hit with its fourth strike, and knocking out his second Grimer in one hit with its final strike, causing Darmani to grow to Level 31. After the battle, he heals and switches Darmani to the front offscreen.

Offscreen, on the third floor, Darmani battled Scientist Mark, whom Emile had overlooked as a Trainer, before battling another Grunt onscreen. He knocked out the Grunt's Koffing with two Mud-Slap attacks, the Poison-Type's Tackle missing, and then proceeded to knock out his Zubat, Rattata, and Grimer with one Rollout each, winning the battle unscathed.

Part 31

Darmani battled against Scientist Rich's Porygon on the fourth floor, defeating it easily with Rollout and taking no damage in the process.

Darmani began the battle against Rocket Executive Petrol on the fifth floor, defeating his first Koffing with repeated Mud-Slap attacks and then battling his Weezing. After exhausting the PP for Mud-Slap, Emile switched tactics to use Rollout instead. The first attack missed, which Emile objected to, as Weezing was the one with the lowered accuracy. Weezing's retaliatory Tackle hit Darmani for little damage, and on the next turn, when Darmani hit with Rollout, Weezing used Explosion. Despite the lowered accuracy, the powerful attack hit Darmani, knocking him out.

Offscreen, Emile switched Odairu to the front of the party in Darmani's place, only to switch them back shortly after entering the Goldenrod Underground.

Darmani subsequently began the fourth rival battle against Eyan, battling his Golbat. Golbat immediately used Confuse Ray, which caused the Donphan to hurt himself in confusion, and then used Bite as Emile healed Darmani with a Full Heal. Then Golbat uses Confuse Ray again, and the pattern repeated.

Emile then attempted to use Rollout while Golbat continues with Bite attacks, and the Donphan only attacked once before Bite made him flinch. Emile grudgingly used a Hyper Potion to heal Darmani to full health, while Golbat used Bite again. He then used another Confuse Ray before resuming Biting, Darmani proving unable to break through the confusion and hurting himself twice in a row. He then snapped out of it, however, and used another Rollout, this one a critical hit that nearly knocked Golbat out.

The Poison/Flying-Type managed to break the combo with another Bite, making the Donphan flinch, and reduced him to a mere sliver of health, but it proved to be too weak to dodge Darmani's next Rollout, and it fainted, causing Darmani to grow to Level 32. Emile then declined to switch Darmani out as Eyan sent out his Meganium, his strongest Pokémon, resulting in the Donphan immediately fainting to a Razor Leaf attack.

Part 32

After the battle with Eyan, Emile healed his team—or at least Darmani—offscreen, and Darmani appeared on the field at the end of the cut battle against Burglar Eddie in the Underground. In more cut battles, Darmani lost over half of his HP.

Part 33

Darmani took part in the battle against the Rocket Grunt behind the panel locked with the Card Key in the Radio Tower, defeating his Koffing with two Mud-Slap attacks.

Darmani then battled Rocket Executive Proton, defeating his Golbat with a three-strike Rollout combo.

Darmani then began the battle against Rocket Executive Ariana, battling her Arbok. The Poison serpent's Wrap and Bite attacks caused little damage to the Ground elephant, while three Mud-Slap attacks wiped out Arbok's HP, making Darmani grow to Level 33. Emile then switched Darmani out for the newly evolved Vui as Ariana sent out her Vileplume.

Part 34

Darmani then began the battle against Rocket Executive Archer, battling his Houndour. He took little damage from the un-evolved Fire/Dark-Type's Ember before knocking it out with two Mud-Slap attacks. He then defeated Archer's Koffing with similar ease, Emile ranting the whole time that it was not a good Koffing based on its moveset while Darmani exhausted his PP for Mud-Slap, and finished it with Strength.

Darmani then battled Archer's Houndoom, his last and strongest Pokémon. Emile correctly assumed that Houndoom's attack would weaken but not knock out Darmani, and therefore ordered the Donphan to attack with Flail, which knocked out Houndoom in one shot.

Darmani later took part in the battle against Sage Masa of the Wise Trio, battling his Jolteon. The Electric-Type's Double Kick and Quick Attack did little damage before two Mud-Slap attacks knocked it out.

Darmani then took part in the battle against Sage Koji. Emile cut the battle out, but Darmani defeated Koji's Vaporeon, losing most of his HP and growing to Level 34 in the process.

Part 36

Emile used a Protein drink to boost Darmani's Attack stat in Blackthorn Gym after defeating the Gym's first trainer.

Darmani took part in the fight against Gym Leader Clair, battling her second Dragonair after it defeated Odairu. Emile sent out Darmani due to the serpentine dragon's only moves being Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, and Slam, which Darmani was either immune to or could easily resist. He overlooked, however, the fact that it also knew Dragon Breath, which it immediately demonstrated, simultaneously dodging Darmani's Rollout. The second Dragon Breath paralyzed Darmani, immobilizing him for the turn and forcing a frustrated Emile to use a Full Heal while Dragonair used another Dragon Breath. Emile wondered aloud if he could possibly be having any worse luck with the fight as he healed Darmani with a Hyper Potion. Dragonair then proceeded to answer that by paralyzing Darmani again, to Emile's exasperation. Switching tactics, he had Darmani use Flail instead, and through this and Dragonair's continued Dragon Breath attacks powering Flail up, two strikes reduced the Dragon-type to only a sliver of HP. Unfortunately, Darmani failed to strike the finishing blow before succumbing to the repeated Dragon Breath attacks, and fainting, much to Emile's bizarre-sounding frustration.

Part 39

Offscreen, Emile switched Darmani to the front of the party.

Darmani began the battle against Cooltrainer Gaven on Route 26, battling his Victreebel. Despite the type disadvantage, Emile attempted to start a Rollout combo. Both attempts missed, and Victreebel used Wrap to prevent him from switching and then Razor Leaf, which wiped out most of Darmani's HP. Darmani used Flail, nearly equalizing their HP, but another Razor Leaf, this one a critical hit, knocked him out.

Part 40

During cut battles against wild Pokémon in Victory Road, Darmani grew to Level 35.

Darmani began the fifth rival battle against Eyan at the end of Victory Road, battling his Sneasel. The Ice/Dark-type attempted to use Fury Cutter against him, but missed with the first strike and dealt only 4 damage with the second. Darmani, meanwhile, used Rollout, depleting its HP with just two hits. Emile elected to keep Darmani on the field as Eyan sent out his Meganium, his strongest Pokémon, but though Darmani endured its first Razor Leaf, his third stage Rollout took out slightly less than half of Meganium's HP before he fainted to another Razor Leaf, this one a critical hit.

Part 41 (Johto Finale - Part 1: Will)

Offscreen, Emile trained Darmani up five Levels to Level 40 (during which Emile declined teaching him Rapid Spin), and then used a Rare Candy to elevate him to Level 41.

Part 44 (Johto Finale - Part 4: Karen)

Darmani took part in the battle against Elite Four Karen, battling her Murkrow. Predictably, he chose to go for a Rollout combo against the Dark/Flying-Type, which retaliated with Faint Attacks. Despite losing over half of his HP to said attacks, Darmani persisted, striking Murkrow with both Rollout attacks and knocking it out.

Emile kept Darmani out as Karen sent out her Houndoom, her last and strongest Pokémon, which immediately finished Darmani off with a critical Flamethrower.

After the battle, Emile healed and revitalized Darmani offscreen.

Part 45 (Johto Finale - Part 5: Lance)

Darmani took part in the fight against Champion Lance, battling his third Dragonite, his strongest Pokémon, after it defeated Odairu and Methane. He attempted to get a Rollout combo going, but only hit with one attack before Dragonite's Outrage attacks knocked Darmani out.

Part 46 (Johto Finale - Part 6)

Along with the rest of Emile's team, Darmani enters the Hall of Fame.

Part 47 (Kanto - Part 1)

Offscreen, Emile deposited Darmani to demonstrate the mechanics of the Battle Tower, withdrawing him again shortly afterwards.

Part 49 (Kanto - Part 3)

While speeding through Rock Tunnel, Emile used a Rare Candy to elevate Darmani to Level 42 so that he could pick up an Elixer.

Part 50 (Kanto - Part 4)

Emile sent out Darmani against the wild Snorlax in Vermilion City after it defeated Roary, intending to have him endure its Rollout attacks while he tossed Balls. This proves unnecessary, however, as Emile caught Snorlax with the first Ultra Ball he threw.

Part 53 (Kanto - Part 7)

Darmani took part in the sixth rival battle against Eyan in Mt. Moon, battling his Gengar. The shadowy Pokémon used Curse first, which left it open to be knocked out by a critical Mud-Slap. Emile then switched Darmani out for Roary as Eyan sent out his Meganium.

After the battle, Emile gave Darmani the Exp. Share.

During the battle against the trainers on Route 25, Darmani grew to Level 43, and grew to Level 44 offscreen.

Part 55 (Kanto - Part 9)

Offscreen, Darmani grew to Level 45, and Emile subsequently took the Exp. Share from him.

Darmani battled Guitarist Vincent in the Vermilion Gym, defeating his three Magnemites and Voltorb with one Mud-Slap each. He then battled Juggler Horton in a cut battle, losing a negligible amount of HP in the process, and Gentleman Gregory in another cut battle, losing no HP.

Darmani shone in the battle against Gym Leader Lieutenant Surge. He first battled Surge's Raichu, whose only move that could affect Darmani was Quick Attack. It dealt a small amount of damage over three turns, while Darmani built up a Rollout combo, knocking Raichu out after three hits and growing to Level 46 as a result.

Darmani then knocked out Surge's Electabuzz, his strongest Pokémon, with a fourth stage Rollout, the Electric-Type's only action on the field being to deploy Light Screen, which didn't affect the physical Rollout.

Darmani then battled Surge's first Electrode, which evaded the max power Rollout with Double Team before attacking Darmani with Swift. It dealt little damage, and as Darmani began another Rollout combo, Electrode used Double Team again. When the second stage Rollout struck, Electrode used Explosion, knocking itself out and wiping away a third of Darmani's HP in the process. Emile loudly objected to Surge stealing 'his' move.

Darmani then defeated Surge's second Electrode. It too used Double Team when it came out, but Darmani sought out and struck the real one with a critical third stage Rollout, knocking it out in one shot.

Darmani then defeated Surge's Magneton, his last Pokémon. Darmani's fourth stage Rollout attack fell just short of knocking Magneton out despite the Type disadvantage, and the Electric/Steel-Type used Double Team. Once again, however, Darmani wasn't fooled, and his max power Rollout finished Magneton off, earning Emile the Thunder Badge.

Part 56 (Kanto - Part 10)

Offscreen, Emile deposited Darmani in the PC Box to withdraw Josh so that he could access the Celadon Gym, deeming Darmani the least useful of his team in the Grass-Type Gym. He withdrew him again after defeating Gym Leader Erika.

Part 61 (Kanto - Part 15)

Offscreen, Darmani grew to Level 47.

Part 62 (Kanto - Part 16)

Emile sent out Darmani in the fight against Viridian Gym Leader Blue to stand against his Alakazam. Emile used Darmani as a meat shield while he used a Max Revive to revitalize Vui. To Emile's surprise, Darmani endured Alakazam's Psychic blast, and he elected to hope that Alakazam would foolishly not use Psychic, and ordered Darmani to use Flail. This proved fruitless, as Alakazam quickly knocked Darmani out with another Psychic blast.

Part 63 (Kanto - Part 17)

After defeating Blue, Emile did a large amount of training offscreen, during which Darmani grew nine Levels to Level 56, and finally learned Earthquake in place of Mud-Slap.

In Mt. Silver Cave, Emile found a Protein drink, which he immediately gave to Darmani to raise his Attack stat.

At the end of Mt. Silver Cave, Emile switched Darmani to the front of the party in place of Volvagia.


Darmani began the fight against Pokémon Trainer Red, defeating his Pikachu, his strongest Pokémon, with a single Earthquake attack, despite the Electric-Type's Charm halving Darmani's Attack. Emile then switched Darmani out for Vui as Red sent out his Venusaur.

Darmani switched back in against Red's Snorlax after Methane wiped out almost all of its HP with an Explosion. Darmani subsequently finished it off with Rollout, leaving Emile surprised that Red didn't heal his Snorlax. After some deliberation between his two three-stage evolution Pokémon, Emile then switched Darmani out for Odairu as Red sent out his Blastoise.

Why Emile Chose Donphan

Though slow, Emile valued Phanpy's high HP, Attack, and Defense stats, and its excellent move pool. He repeatedly said throughout the LP that Donphan was a very good Pokémon, and just took a while to get good.


Final Moves

  • Flail (Part 13—Finale)
  • Rollout (Part 19—Finale)
  • Strength (Part 20—Finale)
  • Earthquake (Part 62—Finale)

Former Moves

  • Tackle (Part 3—Part 19)
  • Growl (Part 3—Part 19)
  • Defense Curl (Part 6—Part 13)
  • Mud-Slap (Part 6—Part 62)
  • Headbutt (Part 19—Part 20)

Nickname Origin

Darmani's namesake.

Darmani's name comes from the Goron hero of the same name from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.


  • Darmani is Emile's first Ground-type team member.
  • Darmani is Emile's first Pokémon to be named after a Legend of Zelda character, the second being Volvalgia
  • Darmani acquired his nickname in the same episode that he evolved.
  • Coincidentally, a Generation V Pokémon is named Darmanitan, however it has no relation.
  • Mud-Slap was Darmani's only Ground-Type attack for almost the entire game; it only learned the more powerful Earthquake at the end of the LP, using it onscreen only during the final battle against Red.
  • Emile referenced Darmani in Pokémon Emerald - Episode 35, when he named another Phanpy in his honor.
  • Darmani is one of the three Pokémon in Crystal for Emile to freak out over, the other two being Roary and Methane.