"First I shall defeat you, and then I will present to King Bowser an iced Mario gift!"
―The Crystal King taunting Mario before their battle.[src]
The Crystal King is the Chapter 7 Boss in Paper Mario.

A rough-and-tumble thug leader of a gang of Ruff Puffs blocking out the sun in Flower Fields with their Puff-Puff Machine, Huff N. Puff must be defeated in order to rescue the seventh and final Star Spirit, Kalmar.

Paper Mario Edit

Chapter 7 - Part 8: The Crystal King Edit

Deep within the bowels of the Crystal Palace, Mario (Chugga) and Watt encounter the Crystal King, who has been entrusted by King Bowser to hold Klevar, the of of the seven Star Spirits, captive.

Crystal Bits

The Crystal Bits' sprites in Paper Mario.

After a battle, Crystal King is defeated by Mario and Watt. After his loss, Huff N. Puff explodes into ice shards, releasing Kalmar from captivity and ending the Chapter.

Ending - [Part 2/2] Edit

In the Ending Parade, the Crystal King is harrassed by two Duplighosts who are impersonating him, before he's carried off by the Crystal Bits.

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  1. "The Crystal Bits both resemble and serve a similar purpose as the Fire Crystal, Water Crystal, Earth Crystal, and Wind Crystal do to Culex in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars." -Mario Wiki
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