Cheren is a character in Pokémon Black & White. He is a lifelong friend to Bianca and Blair, and serves as a rival to Blair/Emile.

Pokémon Black & White Edit

Episode 1: Blair, Which Pokémon? Edit

Cheren, along with Bianca and Blair/Emile, begin their journeys through Unova. He loses to Blair and Ottawa in a battle in Blair's house, after obtaining his Snivy. Later, he witnessed a Team Plasma rally led by Ghetsis, and met N.

Episode 3: Monkey Picks Edit

Emile battles Cheren, defeating his Snivy and Purrloin.

Episode 6: Blitz and Blam Edit

Cheren, and his Snivy and Purrloin, are defeated once more by Emile, this time on Route 3. Later, Cheren battles Team Plasma Grunts alongside Emile.

Episode 15: The Munna Guard Edit

Emile meets Cheren outside the Castelia Gym. Cheren says he's beaten it, and announces his intention to become Pokemon Champion.

Episode 17: Famous Rock Couple Edit

After Emile and Bianca battle in the Route 4 Gate, Emile and Cheren battle, with Cheren's now-evolve Servine. Emile wins.

Episode 23: Daily Garbage Run Edit

West of Nimbasa City, Elesa walks with Emile and Cheren, when they run into Alder.

Episode 24: Bridging the Scrap Edit

Elesa helps Emile and Cheren cross the Driftveil City Drawbridge. They meet Clay.

Episode 26: The Cold Never Slaughtered Me Anyway Edit

Cheren and Emile defeated Team Plasma in the Cold Storage, before Clay walks in to arrest the Plasma Grunts and Zinzolin.

Episode 27: You Always Change Edit

As Emile and Cheren look on, Ghetsis leads a detachment of Plasma Grunts to confront Clay, who had arrested Zinzolin and two Grunts. Clay gives in, and Ghetsis departs with Zinzolin.

Episode 35: Riding the Otter Edit

Emile and Cheren battle once more outside Twist Mountain.

Episode 39: Twist of Slate Edit

Within Twist Mountain, Emile and Cheren talk to Clay.

Episode 40: Twisting Things Around Edit

After standing off with a Plasma Grunt for a month, Cheren and Emile leave Twist Mountain.

Episode 44: The Upward Spiral Edit

Emile, Cheren, and Brycen climb Dragonspiral Tower.

Episode 45: Ancient Relics Edit

Cheren and Emile talk outside the Relic Castle.

Episode 51: The Perfect 10 Edit

Cheren battles Emile outside of the entrance to Victory Road.

Pokémon Team Edit

  • Serperior
  • Liepard
  • Unfezant
  • Simipour
  • Gigalith
  • Haxorus

Trivia Edit

  •  Cheren is one of the two rivals to successfully beat Emile in a battle, occurring in Episode 51. A buff sequence with his fully-evolved starter and a couple of lucky critical hits are what helps him. The other one is Gary.
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