"CHARLIE!!" ~ Emile shouting at Charlie during the Captain Charlie Incident 2.0.

Charlie is one of the three playable protagonists in Pikmin 3, alongside Alph and Brittany.

Pikmin 3 Edit

Day 1: Exploration DayEdit

Three intrepid pilots, Alph, Brittany and Charlie, are piloting through space on the S.S. Drake. Something goes wrong and the Drake explodes, leaving the three captains scattered in multiple locations.

Charlie wakes up the Distant Tundra and discovers yellow Pikmin. After trying to shake them off, he starts taking a liking to them and uses them to progress. After ending up in a cave, a large shadow charges at Charlie and it is the last heard of him that day.

Trivia Edit

  • Although Alph is promoted as the main character of Pikmin 3 and the successor to Olimar, it is actually Charlie who's the Captain of the S.S. Drake.

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