"Thanks Mon Cheri"
―Chance Boutique to her customers[src]
Chance Boutique is a major character in Dokapon Kingdom.

 The Runaway Gaiden Edit

Dokapon Kingdom: Battle Royale - Part 1 Edit

Chance appeared only in the opening sequence.

Dokapon Kingdom Edit

Episode 54: Doka-Podcast Edit

Chance Boutique was visited multiple times.

Episode 55: Off-Topic Discussion Edit

Timbo visited Chance. He sold a Trap Dodger and a Panacea. He then buys a Field Warp, and 2 Elixers,

Episode 120: Three-Way Race Edit

In the Tower of Rabble, Chugga bought 3 Super Spinners and an Elixir. Before successfully robbing her, netting himself a Cunning Disguise, Revival, and Deathblock.

Trivia Edit

  • Chance Boutique appears to be French. She shares her name with a shop in Paris.
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