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Byron is the Gym Leader of the Canalave City Gym in Pokémon Platinum. He specializes in Steel-Type Pokémon.

Pokémon Platinum

Episode 39: I LOVE BYRON!!

Emile battled Byron and won, earning himself the Mine Badge. He is the father of Roark and the son of the Underground Man.

Last Episode

In a post-credits, Emile sails to Iron Island and met with Byron in the house on the island. They talk, and Byron gives him a Metal Coat.

Pokémon Team

  • Magneton (Lvl. 37)
  • Steelix (Lvl. 38)
  • Bastiodon (Lvl. 41)


  • Byron is the namesake and thumbnail of Pokémon Platinum - Episode 39: I LOVE BYRON!!.
  • Whenever Byron appears and speaks, Emile does it with his Dan Green-esque voice and even yells out Byron's catchphrase, "I LOVE...!". This makes sense because Byron was voiced by Dan Green in the anime.