Buzzy Bo the Magnemite is a member of Team Rose Thorn in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DXEdit

Episode 2: Another Dynamo Duo Edit

Team Rose Thorn, then made up of Chamomile and Willow, found two Magnemite waiting outside Chargestone Cave, who told them that their friends were in the sixth basement. The duo rescued the two other Magnemite on the sixth floor and reunited them with their friends.

Episode 4: Skarm Bliss Edit

The two Magnemite appeared again to assist in the rescue of Digglet after he had been carried off to Mt. Steel by Skarmory. With Chamomile and Willow unable to cross a gap to safely rescue Diglett, the two Magnemite flew up to him and pressed up against his sides before carrying him to safety.

After reuniting Diglett with his father, Dugtrio, Willow asked one of the Magnemites to join Team Rose Thorn, as she figured that they couldn't have saved Diglett without them. However, the Magnemite rejected the offer after it found out that the team had no place for recruited members to stay to enable them to quickly join in on a rescue. The Magnemites apologized and left, much to Willow's disappointment.

Episode 5: Camping with Friends Edit

After Team Rose Thorn unlocked Friend Camps, Magnemite joined the team as their first recruit and was nicknamed Buzzy Bo.

Episode 24: Evolution Confusion Edit

Buzzy Bo was evolved into a Magneton.

Name Origin Edit

Buzzy Bo's name is derived from "buzzy boy," the nickname Ham gives Buzz Lightyear in the N64 Toy Story 2 game. Its name was originally intended to be Buzzy Boy, but Chugga's finger accidentally slipped on the "back" button instead of the "accept button", leaving it with 'bo' instead of 'boy'. Chugga found the mistake funny and accepted it as the nickname.

Trivia Edit

 Buzzy Bo
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