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Burk is Emile/Whitlea's Stoutland in Pokémon Black.

Pokémon Black & White

Episode 14: Give me Liberty

Emile showed off Burk and the rest of the Pokémon in Masae's party at the start of the episode, saying that they'd be showing up whenever he had something version-exclusive to show off. In his first appearance, Burk was a Herdier at Level 19.

On Liberty Island, Burk took part in the battle against the first of the Team Plasma Grunts on the island, switching in after the Grunt's Patrat used Hypnosis to incapacitate Jaya. Patrat squandered its turn using Detect as Burk switched in, but used Detect again when Emile attempted to take it out with Take Down. While Emile ranted, Burk struck with Take Down on the second attempt, taking Patrat out in one shot and growing to Level 20 in the process, upon which Emile declined teaching him Work Up.

After Jaya defeated two more Grunts himself, Emile healed his party with the help of the guard in the Lighthouse.

Episode 25: Triple Spin Kick

Burk is used in the Rotation Battle against Charles.

Episode 48: Time's Dividing Line

Burk is used in the Rotation Battle against Ace Trainer Lou, alongside Statik and ∶). He is only used to lower Mienfoo's Attack with Intimidate. However, he does end up growing to Level 41 at the end of the battle.

Episode 82: Battle Across Time

The second battle between Blair and Whitlea begins with Burk being sent out against Hilbert. Burk's opponent misses with Toxic, and Burk uses Return. His attack takes Hilbert down to just a little over half of his HP. Burk moves first next turn due to a Speed tie, and uses Return again. This time, however, Hilbert hits with Toxic. Combined with damage taken from Hilbert holding the Rocky Helmet, this puts Burk in a bit of a tougher space. When the next turn begins, Burk is taken down by a critical Sludge Bomb before he has a chance to move again.


Burk has an Adamant Nature, increasing his Attack and decreasing his Special Attack.


Current Moves

Previous Moves


  • Like on his White Version, Emile captured several Lillipup to utilize their Pickup Abilities and caught four with the Pickup Ability and one with the Vital Spirit Ability. Unlike White's Lillipoop, however, he elected to raise Burk as part of his Black team.
  • Burk is technically Emile's eighth Normal type after Khold, Meow Mix, Teddy, Munchkin, Gadzooks, Trifecta, and Supernova.