Burgh is a character in Pokémon Black & White.

Pokémon Black & White[edit | edit source]

Episode 8: Nacrene Puff[edit | edit source]

Burgh is mentioned by someone in Nacrene City who is living in his old studio. Burgh is said to be the Gym Leader in Castelia City.

Episode 9: Lenora Valkyrie[edit | edit source]

Burgh shows up after Team Plasma robs the Nacrene City museum's Dragonite Skull. He and Emile team up to hunt them down in the Pinwheel Forest.

Episode 10: Running with Pinwheels[edit | edit source]

Burgh and Emile team up to thwart Team Plasma.

Episode 15: The Munna Guard[edit | edit source]

After being defeated by Cheren, Burgh teams up with Emile once more, along with Iris, in order to rescue Bianca's Munna, which was snatched by Team Plasma.

Episode 16: The Ham, Burgh[edit | edit source]

Burgh is battled and defeated by Emile.

Pokémon Team[edit | edit source]

  • Whirlipede (Lv. 21)
  • Dwebble (Lv. 21)
  • Leavanny (Lv. 23)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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