Joe bud
Buddy is one of Chugga's Blue Bud Pikmin.

Pikmin Edit

There was once a Pikmin that Chugga briefly named "Buddy" in Day 15 of "Pikmin - Days 14, 15 and 16" as a joke of being the only Blue Bud Pikmin in the group. After Day 15, he was put back in his onion, and wasn't taken back out until the final battle, where he was amongst the blue pikmin; however, Chugga was interrupted, and he restarted the final day, and no blue pikmin were taken out.

Pikmin 2 Edit

After Olimar got off the planet, he went to the awakening wood to await Olimar, and he possibly helped Steve, Bob, Joe, Olimar, and Bulby fight an out of control Louie.

Trivia Edit

  • Emile knew that many people would be booing at the name.
  • He may have originally been used in the final battle, but Emile's family came home unexpectedly, and he had to stop recording, and he ended up scrapping that entirely, thus the squad changed, and there were no blue pikmin, and more bomb yellow pikmin, making Buddy just a prop and a joke about being the only bud blue pikmin.
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