Bob Leaf
Bob is a Yellow Pikmin that always tripped (more than Steve actually) and annoyed Chugga. He actually tripped so much, that he tripped in the ending cinematic on Day 2. After the Pikmin Let's Play, Bob was thought to have been taken to a place where he would be really useful. However, what really happened was that Bob traveled to the Perplexing pool and waited for Chugga. In Pikmin 2, Bob was more consistent, and even was used in the final battle of the game. Although he still trips, he always helps out from time to time. It is possible he made an apperance in Super Smash Bros Brawl & in super smash bros 4, along with his other fellow Pikmin.


  • There is a running gag that, in the final battle, Bob is always seen or used. In Pikmin, he stunned Emperor Bulblax with bomb rocks, and in Pikmin 2, he destroyed the shock thearipist so Steve, Joe, Buddy, and the other Pikmin could battle an out of control Louie.
  • He also was considered useless in Chugga's Let's Play of Pikmin, but not at all useless in his Let's Play of Pikmin 2, in fact, he was somewhat useful.
  • In episode 8 of Pikmin, Chugga declared that Bob was the new thing to not be, instead of Steve.