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Pwr04222003 Pwr04222003 15 April 2020

What´s UP?


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Lumiessence Lumiessence 14 December 2019


hi how are yall are you okay with me making a page on charlie the cloud?

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Frostyglooes Frostyglooes 22 June 2018

My Black & White Notes

I just deleted my notes on Black and White... this is certainly going to make things a lot more difficult :/

I was trying to recover them and then I ended up deleting them forever. This kinda sucks, but at least I only had notes on Episode 79 - Last Episode. Ottawa's done from those episodes and I'm currently working on Roc. Terrabite doesn't need anything for the last episode and all that everyone who isn't Ottawa needs from it is the levels they gained from Rare Candies anyway. I've got Whitlea's team filled out for Episode 82 on here, so I should be able to use those. Not too much happened in Episode 81 and only a couple of members really need Episode 80. I think I should be fine for the most part, but still... I'm genuinely pretty annoy…

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Frostyglooes Frostyglooes 2 April 2018

Pokémon FireRed

It's the school holidays, so I'm hoping that we'll have pages for all of the FireRed episodes within the next two weeks. Things were going pretty smoothly, but I started playing BotW a few days ago, so I've been a little busy...

I feel like it's a reasonable goal, so here's hoping I achieve it! I've really been enjoying editing this wiki, and I really want to make it great. After FireRed, I'd like to start making pages for other series. Maybe Paper Mario or Pokémon Emerald.

As a side note, I've noticed that there's no 'Major Battles' section on the Pokémon B/W videos. Is this intentional?

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KKirby KKirby 19 February 2018

If you picked Chuggaa's next LP, what would it be?

The title fits perfectly, I will put a list of what everyone picked below:

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Adster1005 Adster1005 10 February 2018

Stuff to do


Anybody who sees this, I'm just pointing out pointers for anyone who wants to help but doesn't know where to start:

  • Images renaming - start with the oldest pictures - I've completed 39-34.
  • Data - On Fortune Street and Mario Party pages, make sure all the data is completed.
  • New Pokemon Episodes - Make sure everything is correct.


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Zelix07GA Zelix07GA 25 January 2018

Mario Party Board pages

Someone needs to create more pages for each specific Mario Party main board.  Side boards like Mini-Game Circuit of Mario Party 5 are optional

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Volvlogia Volvlogia 17 June 2017

Attempting a URL Change

Hey everybody. I'm happy to announce that, per the suggestion of User:IStoleThePies, I've started the process of commandeering the URL to our wiki, while leaving as a redirect page. Check back here for updates, thanks. Volvlogia (talk) 00:36, June 17, 2017 (UTC)

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MrFlamerBoy MrFlamerBoy 14 May 2017


Hi people.

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Adster1005 Adster1005 19 April 2017

My favourite Chuggaconroy & TRG LP's

RHey, Adster1005 here, and this is my top 5 Chugga/TRG LP list.

  • 1 Chugga
    • 1.1 Number 5
    • 1.2 Number 4
    • 1.3 Number 3
    • 1.4 Number 2
    • 1.5 Number 1
  • 2 TRG
    • 2.1 Number 5
    • 2.2 Number 4
    • 2.3 Number 3
    • 2.4 Number 2
    • 2.5 Number 1


Luigi's Mansion

Super Mario Sunshine

Pokemon Emerald

Pokemon Platinum

Super Mario Bros. 3

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures

Mario Party 5

Super Mario 3D World

Mario Party 3

I loved this, not only because of Tim winning, but because of The Beat Goes On, the Duels, everything, and it was just great to watch.

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Volvlogia Volvlogia 9 February 2017


Just to keep everyone up to date, due to JosephTheElite's inactivity, I've made an official request to the Wikia staff to "adopt" the Wiki and become Bureaucrat. Feel free to voice your opinions. 

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Volvlogia Volvlogia 15 June 2016

The End of an Era

It's over guys. Platinum is over. But our job's not over. I will continue to refine our Platinum articles now that it's over, and we'll do the same great work with LP 32. Now who's with me?!?!?!

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Volvlogia Volvlogia 29 May 2016

GG Guys

We've reached 10,000 edits!!!

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Volvlogia Volvlogia 6 March 2016

Platinum Team Speculation

As of Pokémon Platinum - Episode 44: Snow to Anger , his team is...

  • Bodhi the Torterra
  • Acrobat the Crobat
  • Supernova the Clefable
  • Psythe the Gallade
  • Milotic the Milotic

My predictions...

  • Magmortar
    • (De-confirmed by Pokémon Platinum - Episode 36: Hasta Fuego!)
      • No fire type so far
      • He stated that the Magmarizer would be useful later
      • This LP has heavily emphasized multi-player and Magmar evolves through trade.
  • Milotic
    • (Confirmed by Pokémon Platinum - Episode 43: Feeble Grind)
      • He needs a Surfer
      • Milotic/Feebas would be a good way to show off contests.
  • Froslass
    • (De-Confirmed in Pokémon Platinum - Episode 44: Snow to Anger)
    • (Confirmed in Pokémon Platinum - Episode 45: Snowpoint-less that Emile almost used one)
      • No ice or ghost type on his team.
      • Froslass is a special at…
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Volvlogia Volvlogia 1 January 2016

First Blog Post of 2016!

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Volvlogia Volvlogia 31 December 2015


Just a fan of Chugga

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Concernedalien11780 Concernedalien11780 29 December 2015

Hey everybody, it's Concernedalien11780!

Hey everybody, it's Concernedalien11780, welcome to my first episode of Concernedalien11780's Chuggaaconroy Blog on Wikia's Chuggaaconroy Wiki! I first learned of Chuggaaconroy on Halloween 2010, when a friend I was trick-or-treating with told me about him and said that he preferred him over SuperMarioLogan, another YouTuber we liked at the time (and I'm actually kind of disgusted with myself for ever liking because of how its attempts at irreverent humor is based in ignorance and immaturity rather than actual wit, and the fact that I thought I was cool for watching it and that Logan was cool for his sense of "humor" is something I'm pretty ashamed of, and how I did not need a character like Black Yoshi at that point in my life, a black-co…

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Mute Mamkute Mute Mamkute 2 October 2015

generic blog post title

generic blog post first line,

Hecko everybody! I'm Mute, and no, I'm not mute. I just don't talk because my breath is just that bad.

It doesn't seem so bad to me...

As a result, I can think of absolutely nothing good to say right now.


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Runaway44 Runaway44 30 January 2015



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TheCaptainQuack TheCaptainQuack 21 January 2015

The future

I am hoping that in the near future, Emile will LP Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga and Kingdom Hearts

Anyone else agree?

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JosephTheElite JosephTheElite 6 August 2014

Vote for Featured: September, 2014

Here we go again! Like always, I choose 4 random pages and you guys vote for what you want featured next month.

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JosephTheElite JosephTheElite 5 July 2014

Voting for Featured: August, 2014

Here we go again guys! Like last month, there will be 4 randomely chose pages, so here you go!

And the winner for this month is... "Meet the Timbstones"

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JosephTheElite JosephTheElite 10 June 2014

Voting for Featured: July, 2014

So this is going to be my attempt of having all of you guys vote on next month's featured article. I will randomly choose 4 articles and you guys will vote on the article via pole. So here are the articles to vote!

The Voting is now over. The winner is Chester with 5 votes!

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Kakarott45 Kakarott45 9 June 2014

Number 1!

Well, JosephTheElite, looks like I just beat you!!

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Kakarott45 Kakarott45 6 May 2014

Road to becoming the best

Wow, only one week, and already, I'm the Wiki's third-best contributor!! I'm gonna keep helping this wiki grow...

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JosephTheElite JosephTheElite 4 May 2014

Featured articles?

Would you guys want to have featured articles on the front page? Let me know down in the comments below.

Happy editing!

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Kakarott45 Kakarott45 30 April 2014


Howdy, folks, this is Countess, I'm just yet another fan of the man himself. I hope to make some kind of contribution to this wiki, maybe like protecting it from vandals and whatnot.

Tell me what you think --Countess--

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JosephTheElite JosephTheElite 25 February 2014

A New Admin

Hey there editors. As you may know, there is no active admin for this wiki. I've thought about adopting this wiki, but since there are other active users, I have to get the approval of all the active users. Please post if you approve or disapprove of my adoption. Thanks!

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Jondanger23 Jondanger23 30 May 2012


should chugga play minecraft?

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AnimalCrossingCool AnimalCrossingCool 7 May 2011

Go to my Youtube for more information.


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