Mega Man 9 - Concrete Man Stage (Blind)

Mega Man 9 - Concrete Man Stage (Blind)

A blind let's play is an LP in which the player has not experienced the full-game or part of the game before. Emile has gone on record as saying that's not really his style, and has never done a blind let's play of a full game on his main channel, Chuggaaconroy. Emile has however, done a few blind let's plays on TheRunawayGuys, as well as a couple blind one-offs on his main channel. He has also done blind runs of portions of games on charity livestreams.

Chugga's Views on Blind LPsEdit

Chugga stated in Creating a Let's Play: What You've Taught Me that he only considers a game for a let's play on his main channel if he's done a complete playthrough of it once before. He goes onto say he never plans out a series on a first plathrough for two reasons;

  1. A player's experiences and feelings about a game are something no one else's videos have, creating diverse commentray between LPers, doing it on a first run would be a "good way of making playing video games into feeling like work", wanting to still enjoy games while he plays them.
  2. Following a walkthrough would "cut out a player figuring things out for themselves" and creates "less interesting stories", and allows him to create a more solid opinion of the game.

He also says sometimes ideas for videos and more enjoyable video-experiences come while playing a game, and writes it down in case of a future let's play. He states he never plays video games for the sole purpose of "getting videos out of them" and ensures he will enjoy his time playing the game. His goal is to always "make people want to play the game."

Emile then speaks of blind let's plays, saying:

"They work for certain people and certain types of games, I acknowledge that a lot of good has come from that style of making videos, and there are people who are great at it, but in my style, I'm not overly-confident I could make that work."
Emile then reflects on experiences of games that "looked good, but turned out to not be what they seemed", then explaining with his tend to play mostly long RPGs, it could potentially make for a bad and annoying series that could also be not enjoyable to watch.

List of Blind Let's Plays by EmileEdit

Main Channel (Chuggaaconroy)Edit

Collaborative (TheRunawayGuys)Edit


  • Until November 2018, Super Metroid was Chugga's only full-blind LP.
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