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"Why am I walking into all of these mushrooms like an idiot? Why am I never learning? I see that they're mushrooms, but I'm just oddly compelled to walk into them for some reason, I don't understand!"
―Blair talking about Foongus (a joke by Emile)[src]

Blair, canonically known as Hilbert, is the main protagonist of Pokémon White.

Pokémon Black & White

Episode 1: Blair, Which Pokémon?

Blair begins his journey throughout Unova. He obtains Ottawa, his starter. He battles and defeats Bianca, Cheren, and N.

Episode 22: Queen Elesa

Blair had a date on the Nimbasa City ferris wheel. It was his second ride on it, after the one where he learned of N's status as the 'king' of Team Plasma.


Main Team

Other Pokémon




  • This is the first Pokémon trainer in a main series not to be called 'Emile'. This is due to the story-driven nature of the game.
  • Emile chose not to name his trainer the default name Hilbert as he thought that the LP would just be one big redneck joke. In Episode 20 it was revealed to apply to Hilda, the female player character, as well, hence why his Pokemon Black file's character was named 'Whitlea'.
  • Blair was named such for the codename Hilbert used in a demo version of Black & White. In the same demo, Hilda was named Whitlea, the name Emile's Black character uses.
  • Blair’s Trainer ID number is 46513.