Not to be confused with Billy Bob
Billy was Chugga's right hand ghost shroom... Well, that's not the point! Billy was a Ghost Shroom that helped Chugga in a pipe. Billy was killed before Chugga could get the Shroom to follow him. In episode 46, he said "I want Billy back!" showing that he had affection for the 'shroom (like Steve the​ Trooper). It's unknown if Billy will be reborn as a running gag in another Let's Play of Chugga's but he'll be in our hearts for years to come.

Billy's Return

In episode 51, Billy returns, and Chugga buys him from Flimm.

Billy came with Chugga into the Pit of 100 Trials and came out to face off the Wrackles on Wracktail when Chugga was attacking the antenna.

He then disappeared a few seconds before Wracktail met his demise.


  • Steve, Bob, Joe, Bulby, and Billy were the only characters Chugga named himself, besides his Pokémon.
  • Chugga said "The Characters I name become viral like.... Him" ("Him" is Steve).
  • Billy was the 5th character that Chugga named besides Pokémon.
  • He was first seen is Chapter 2 of Super Paper Mario.
  • Billy is the first character Chuggaaconroy named that isn't a Pikmin or a Pokémon.
  • He is also the first character species Chugga named that isn't a human, or based off a human besides Pokémon.
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