William Henry "Bill" Cosby, Jr. (born July 12, 1937) is an American comedian and actor. often referenced by  Chuggaaconroy; more specifically, Chugga speaks about something in an exaggerated Southern accent that sounds similar to Bill Cosby's own voice.


Bill Cosby has a wife and five children (one deceased).

Some of Bill's famous works include Bill Cosby: Himself and Bill Cosby: 49.

He had a show called "The Bill Cosby Show", which ran from 1969 to 1971.

In light of Bill Cosby's criminal allegations, the voice has likely made it's last appearance in a Chugga Let's Play. Read more about it here.

Appearances of the "Bill Cosby Voice"

Dokapon Kingdom - Episode 54: Doka-Podcast

Emile does the Bill Cosby voice before remembering that "Bill Cosby is the last person I want to sound like now".


  • "With the hippin' and the hoppin' and the bippin' and the boppin'."
  • "There I go, down the slope."
  • "Zip zop zoobidy bop."
  • "You know what I'm sayin'."


  • Chugga mainly talks about Bill's appearance on a Jell-O commercial and his Pokémon thing on the Simpsons.
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