Beanbean Knights are characters in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Edit

Beanbean Knights are tall Beanish in armor, who wield a sword and a shield. They serve on the whim of Queen Bean, queen of Beanbean Kingdom.

Episode 4: Left in the Stardust Edit

While leaving Stardust Fields, Mario and Luigi were confronted by three Beanbean Knights. The knights accused Luigi of kidnapping Prince Peasley. A beat-up Tolstar flew by to inform the knights that the pair are in fact Mario and Luigi, who are "really, really tough". Tolstar then flew off. The knights apologized for the confusion, saying that the kidnapper was someone who "wore an odd helmet and spoke of mustard and fink-rats". The Beanbean Knights then left the pair.

Trivia Edit

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