BeanBoozled Challenge- Pokémon Edition (feat

BeanBoozled Challenge- Pokémon Edition (feat. Chuggaaconroy)

"BeanBoozled Challenge: Pokémon Edition (feat. Chuggaaconroy)" is a video by TamshiiHiroka. The episode was published on February 20th, 2016. The episode is 15 minutes and 17 seconds long.

Description Edit

"My good friend Emile, AKA Chuggaaconroy and I got together and tested each other's Pokémon knowledge with a trivia game, but there's a twist. If we got the answer wrong, we had to eat a rancid jellybean from the BeanBoozled game!

Summary Edit

Emile and Tamashii take on the BeenBoozled challenge.

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