Bad Puns are a defining feature of the Let's Player Chuggaaconroy.

Bad puns Edit

Kirby's Epic YarnEdit

  1. Don't you mean you'll show me the strands?
  2. I'm gonna have so much material to work with!
  3. Floor it, Kirby!
  4. It's a rip in the fabric of time and space!
  5. For such a Hot Land, this sure is a Cool Cave.
  6. So is the life of a drifter?
  7. "What sort of plan was he stringing together?"
  8. Yin Yarn sure seems like a crafty individual.
  9. Not only that, but he also seems sew evil!
  10. Well, we were on a roll!
  11. All these fabric related puns sure are crafty.
  12. You mean it's the Arabian Nights?
  13. You're looking a little squashed!
  14. This completes what I like to call Your Training.
  15. Rushroom.
  16. Breach for the sky.
  17. "Water you waiting for?"
  18. "Dish is more like it!"
  19. "Gary I have something to chair with you!"
  20. He bashes everyone.
  21. Something kinda cool in the comments!
  22. It's kinda cool.
  23. Thingymabobbers.
  24. Who's pulling your strings now?
  25. You're not the puppetmaster anymore!
  26. Did you throw your back out?
  27. "Mind if I sock it to ya!"
  28. Grabity!
  29. Kirby's return to Dreamland.
  30. Grammatically stupider.
  31. Annoying as crap-o.
  32. Hammerhead.
  33. Bonus Material
  34. Hybrid car
  35. Tired
  36. Tie
  37. In stitches

Kid Icarus UprisingEdit

  1. Piece of cake
  2. Punishment
  3. Dark Lord Gal
  4. Really sucks when it does.
  5. Orne-no
  6. You'll need more than Bluster to beat me.
  7. Hot under to collar
  8. EgZerted himself
  9. Opposite of cool
  10. Thorns in her side
  11. Sharpen your claws
  12. Aurum, more like awesum
  13. That's grape
  14. Doze I missed
  15. Nintendo Logic
  16. Really sucks (again)
  17. Girin right Herin
  18. Exolent.
  19. Pit
  20. One hell of a battle
  21. Cell blocks

Sonic ColorsEdit

  1. It's pretty straight forward.