The Ampilus is an enemy in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. They appear in Lanayru Desert.

Attacks Edit

Ampilus will crawl in to their shell and roll into Link, hurting Link if he touches it. The shell will be electrified when they do this. They can be defeated by rolling bombs at them, hitting them with skyward strikes, or shield bashing then slashing them while they are rolling.

Skyward Sword Edit

Emile first encounters Ampilus in Episode 20. In Episode 21, he remembers the reason he despises them, which is that he hates the puzzles they are used for, as well as how hard it is to defeat an Ampilus over sink-sand. he clams, in Episode 21, that he thinks that the Ampilus's parents weren't married, which is "A G-rated way of saying what I think of them."

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