Amelia is a Snooty eagle villager who used to be one of Emile's villagers from Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Edit

Day 3: Permitting Developments Edit

Amelia moved to Palette and met Emile.

Day 13: Sick Daze Edit

Due to Emile's real-life sickness, Amelia moved away off-screen. Emile was sad that she moved away, so he decided to build a public work project where her house was. He built a Street Lamp to light up the area so that she could see where to land if she ever came back.

Day 36: The Land of Hope Edit

Emile visited MasaeAnela in her town, Aurnion. They discovered that Amelia has moved to Masae's town. Amelia and Emile reminisced on Palette.

Day 38: The Public Works Edit

Amelia did not appear. Chugga read a comment from the video of Day 31. The comment proposed that Shari, with her plan, was caught by Amelia. Shari supposedly killed her and sent her body adrift.

Day 40: All's Well That Ends Well [Part 1] Edit

Emile briefly returned to Aurnion on New Year's Eve. While there, he spoke to Amelia one more time.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo Edit

Day 9: Welcome to the Club Edit

Amelia visits Main Street, where she and Emile speak for the first time in years.


  • She had a crush on Pietro.
  • Amelia was the only snooty villager to live in Palette.
  • Numerous commentators speculated that Amelia was merely knocked out and eventually washed up in MasaeAnela's town, with no memories other than ones of Emile and the street lamp.[1]
  • It was suggested that Emile build a wind turbine to prevent Amelia from returning.[2]

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