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Altair is Emile's Altaria in his Let's Play of Pokémon Emerald. He was the fifth Pokémon to join Emile's team. Altair, along with the rest of the Emerald team, was later transferred to Pokémon Platinum through the Pal Park.

Pokémon Emerald

Episode 16

Emile found Altair as a Swablu on Route 114 at Level 17. Kappa flinched him and took out a quarter of his HP with Fake Out before paralyzing him with a Stun Spore from Nature Power. The Swablu only did a small bit of damage to Kappa with Peck despite being super effective. Emile then captured Altair in a Poké Ball and gave him his nickname.

Emile then took the Exp Share off Acooltent to give to Altair so he could catch up to the rest of the team in levels. Additionally, Emile taught Steel Wing to Altair in place of Growl with TM47.

Altair's first battle was against Hiker Lucas and Picnicker Angelina, battling alongside Kappa. Lucas' first Pokémon was Geodude while Angelina's was her own Lombre. As Kappa took out Geodude with two hits from Bullet Seed, Kappa used Peck on Angelina's Lombre. This took out a third of its HP, before its Nature Power turned into Rock Slide. Altair miraculously took the attack more comfortably than anticipated, hanging on in the yellow zone. Lucas then sent out his Numel on that turn. The next turn, Kappa used Ice Beam on Angelina's Lombre, while Altair followed up with Peck, doing enough combined damage to take it out. Angelina next used her Marill.

As Kappa focused on Numel with Ice Beam, Altair was able to hit with Sing to put Marill to sleep, in spite of how inaccurate the move is. The following turn, Kappa finished Numel with another Ice Beam, while Altair used Peck on Marill. However, the attack only did about a fifth of HP to the Aqua Mouse, who woke up and used Rollout. Luckily, it used the move on Kappa, allowing him to finish it with a four hit Bullet Seed to prevent it from stacking a combo.

Episode 17

Altair gained five levels to Level 22 offscreen. He later grew to Level 23 from cut battles (likely on Route 115). When Emile battled and defeated the Team Magma Grunts on top of Mt. Chimney, Altair was elevated to Level 24 from the Exp Share.

Episode 18

On Mt. Chimney's peak, Emile battled against Team Magma Leader Maxie. Altair was used against Maxie's Zubat. The Bat Pokémon tried to confuse Altair with Supersonic but missed, enabling him to hit with a Steel Wing, taking out a third of its HP. Zubat then resorted to Wing Attack, which took out one third of Altair's health in turn. Altair then used Peck to reduce Zubat to the yellow zone. It turns out both Pokémon had a Speed tie, as Altair went first on the next turn to use another Peck. However, Zubat endured the hit in red HP, allowing it to succeed in confusing Altair with Supersonic. Emile then used a Persim Berry to heal Altair's confusion while Maxie nearly healed his Zubat's HP completely with a Super Potion. The Flying Types then clashed again. Zubat attempted another Supersonic to reconfuse Altair but missed. His Peck only reduced it to the low green area. The Poison/Flying Type then used another Wing Attack to knock Altair into the yellow area, while he did the same to it with Steel Wing. On the following turn, Altair managed to outspeed Zubat and take it down with another Steel Wing, winning the battle for Emile.

Episode 19

Altair grew to Level 25 from the Exp Share when Emile beat the Team Magma Grunt in Jagged Pass.

During Emile's battle with Picnicker Diana, he used Altair against her own Swablu. He managed to KO it with three Steel Wings, while only losing a quarter of his HP to a five hit Fury Attack combo, and having his Attack lowered one stage by Growl.

Emile then used Altair and Kappa in a double battle with Picnicker Autumn and Triathlete Julio. The trainers sent out Shroomish and Magnemite. As Kappa used Ice Beam to take out Shroomish (to avoid activating Effect Spore), Altair used Sing to put Magnemite to sleep. However, his Steel Wing barely scathed the Magnet Pokémon, only doing a quarter of its HP combined with Kappa's Rock Slide from Nature Power. Emile then shifted out Altair for Moegami.

Episode 20

In Lavaridge Town's Gym, Emile originally sent out Altair for Kindler Jeff and his Slugma. However, he was quick to switch him out for Teddy to avoid being burned by the Lava Pokémon's Flame Body Ability. When Emile beat Kindler Axle, Altair was raised to Level 26 by the Exp Share. He then was sent out in Acooltent's place for Battle Girl Danielle, whose Meditite used Detect in vain as a result. The rest of the battle was cut, but Altair succeeded in KOing the Fighting/Psychic Type.

Episode 21

Emile didn't use Altair in any battles onscreen. But he grew to Level 27 via Exp Share after Acooltent defeated Camper Beau's Sandshrew.

Episode 22

Altair leveled up to Level 28 offscreen.

Before Emile fought the trainers inside Petalburg City's Gym, he took the Exp Share off Altair to give to Acooltent. In a battle with Cooltrainer Jody and her Zangoose, Altair came out after Teddy fainted. He tried to take out the last bit of HP it had with Peck, only for the Cat Ferret to easily KO him in one hit with Slash (already amplified by two Swords Dances).

Altair was then used in the Gym Battle with the Leader of Petalburg: Norman. He entered the field for Norman's Slaking, which was around a quarter of health after defeating Kappa, Teddy, and Acooltent (the last of whom having confused it). As Slaking loafed around, Altair used Steel Wing to put it in the low yellow zone. This also gave him a Defense boost by one stage. Slaking then hurt itself in confusion, putting it to a sliver of red HP combined with another Steel Wing. However, Altair missed with his next Steel Wing on Slaking's off turn. The following turn, it snapped out of confusion and struck with Facade. Luckily, the Defense boost allowed Altair to survive with 14/67 Hit Points before he finally took out Slaking with a Peck.

Unfortunately, Emile had completely forgotten about Norman's last Pokémon: Linoone. Emile switched out Altair for Slavinator to revive Moegami. He then switched Altair back in to finish healing Moegami with a Super Potion. Altair was taken out by Linoone's Slash.

Episode 23

Emile fought Black Belt Koichi in a hidden area of Route 115. He sent out Altair for his Machoke after it beat Moegami. The Fighting Type already lost around a quarter of its health, before Altair's Peck brought it to about half. When Machoke used Seismic Toss, it did 28 HP to Altair. He then reduced it to the red zone with another Peck. But this allowed Machoke's Revenge to be doubled in power, easily finishing off Altair.

Altair grew to Level 29 in battles that were not shown onscreen, possibly with the other trainers on Route 115.

When Emile went through the Trick House's second maze, he battled School Kid Paul. Altair quickly took out his Oddish with a Peck before he was switched out for Teddy when Paul went to his Wingull.

In the third Trick House puzzle, Altair came out to battle Picnicker Martha's own Swablu. He knocked it out with four Pecks, with the fourth pointlessly getting a critical. During the process, Martha's Swablu used Safeguard and Sing, missing with the latter move and failing to put him to sleep. Altair only took 15 HP of damage from a Fury Attack, despite it hitting five times.

The fourth maze saw Altair battle with Battle Girl Cora and her Meditite. Switching in from Acooltent, he took only minor damage from Hidden Power. Altair then KOed it with two Pecks, as Meditite simply used Mind Reader in between. For the following fight against Black Belt Yuji, Emile used Altair to take on his Machoke. His Peck did a third to the Superpower Pokémon, only for it to KO him with Revenge.

Episode 24

When Emile fought Bug Catcher Davis on Route 123, he sent out Altair after Davis's Pinsir knocked out Kappa. As the Stag Beetle was at about 2/3 of its health, Altair's Peck put it in the mid part of the yellow zone. Pinsir then used a Seismic Toss to take off 27 of Altair's Hit Points. It turns out there was a Speed tie, as the Bug Type went first on the next turn to do another 27 HP with a second Seismic Toss. This reduced Altair to 15 HP, before his Peck narrowly failed to KO Pinsir (who held on with a mere sliver of red health). Fortunately, Altair was able to go first on the following turn to knock it out with a third Peck.

Episode 25

Offscreen, Emile raised Altair to Level 30 so all of his team would be eligible to participate in the Battle Tents in Verdanturf and Fallarbor Town. Altair was used for Emile's challenge in Fallarbor. He was sent out against PokéFan Gianna's Plusle after it defeated Teddy. Altair tried to use Peck to take out the last chip of health the Cheering Pokémon had, only to be defeated by a super effective Spark. Emile eventually lost the challenge and tried again after switching Altair out for another Pokémon (Kappa or Tentacool) to use. However, Teddy would then win the challenge single handedly.

Episode 26

When battling the Team Aqua Grunts in the Weather Institute, Emile used Altair and Teddy for the male and female Grunts who battled together. This was the first instance of Team Aqua Grunts doing "Broballs" (hitting their Poké Balls together in their battle sprites). The Grunts first used Zubat and Poochyena. Teddy easily knocked out Poochyena with Strength, while Altair took Zubat down to low green HP with Peck. The male Grunt then brought out his Carvanha while Zubat used Confuse Ray to confuse Teddy.

After Teddy hit herself from the confusion the next turn, Altair reduced Zubat to red HP with another Peck. Carvanha then used Focus Energy while Zubat confused Altair with Confuse Ray as well. On the following turn, Teddy and Altair both hit themselves in confusion, while the latter took additional damage from Carvanha's Crunch and Zubat's Bite. This brought Altair to the low green zone. Luckily, Teddy snapped out of confusion to defeat Carvanha with Strength, while Altair (despite not snapping out of confusion) pulled through to knock out Zubat with a third Peck. Teddy then proceeded to take out the female Grunt's Poochyena with yet another Strength to finish the battle.

After defeating Aqua Admin Shelly, Emile healed his team and switched Altair into the lead spot of his party. He then battled May on Route 119. Altair fought May's Lombre, which immediately used Fake Out to flinch him. The two Pokémon then exchanged blows. Altair's Peck took Lombre to the low green zone, while he took a Swift from Nature Power comfortably. Though a Speed tie allowed Lombre to go first and use a second Nature Power turned Swift, Altair's second Peck reduced it to red HP. Altair was able to outspeed the Jolly Pokémon on the third turn and defeat it with a third Peck. Emile then switched out Altair for Acooltent when May sent out her Slugma.

Following the battle, May gave Emile HM02 Fly. Once Altair encountered and ran from a wild Zigzagoon, Emile taught him Fly, overwriting Peck for the purpose.

Episode 27

Near the end of Route 119, Emile used Altair and Acooltent in a battle with Guitarist Fabian and Ninja Boy Yasu, who had Manectric and Ninjask respectively. Emile commanded Altair to use the newly learned Fly on Ninjask (which used Swords Dance), but the plan did not go as intended. Though Acooltent nearly defeated both opposing Pokémon with one Surf, Manectric used the super effective Spark on Altair to knock him out before he could attack.

After arriving in Fortree City, Emile healed his Pokémon including Altair at the Pokémon Center.

On Route 120, Emile was looking for wild Pokémon. He eventually found an Absol that he would catch for his team and nickname Pandora. However, Altair would lose nearly half of his HP to a critical Quick Attack, and would miss with his Steel Wing. The Disaster Pokémon used another Quick Attack to put Altair below 1/3 HP, before he succeeded in connecting with Steel Wing, which only did a small chip of its health. Although Altair survived a third Quick Attack from the Dark Type with four Hit Points, his attempt to put it to sleep failed when Sing missed. Absol then depleted Altair's health with a Bite.

Episode 28

Altair grew to Level 31 offscreen and learned Take Down. Emile overwrote Astonish to make room for it.

Emile sent out Altair in his battle against Fortree City Gym Leader Winona, facing her Tropius after Moegami was knocked out. The Banana Tree was in red HP, but also had its Speed boosted from the Sunny Day, courtesy of its Chlorophyll Ability. Tropius went first, taking out nearly half of Altair's health with Aerial Ace before he used Fly. It turns out the Speed boost from Chlorophyll resulted in a Speed tie, as Altair was faster that turn and hit with Fly to take down the Grass/Flying Type. Emile then called back Altair and sent out Acooltent when Winona sent out her Pelipper.

Altair came out again for Winona's strongest Pokémon: Altaria. As Altaria raised its Attack and Speed one stage each with Dragon Dance, Altair put it to sleep with Sing. This prompted Winona to switch over to her Skarmory (also healing Altaria's status condition thanks to Natural Cure), which easily took Altair's Take Down. Due to the negligible damage it did, Altair took only two HP of recoil damage. Emile then switched out Altair for Acooltent again.

Episode 29

Altair used Fly for the first time outside of battle. Emile did so to revisit Littleroot Town (where he registered his in game mother in the PokéNav and recieved an Amulet Coin from her), and Slateport City (where he gave Pandora her nickname at the Name Rater's house). Altair did not participate in any onscreen battles, though he did take a good amount of damage from the cut battles.

Episode 30

On Route 121, Altair fought in the cut battle with Cooltrainer Marcel, who used a Shiftry.

After Emile arrived and healed his team (including Altair) in Lilycove City, he fought May one last time. Altair was used for May's Ludicolo. He used Fly on it. While flying, he avoided two of the the Water/Grass Type's moves due to his equipped Quick Claw: Absorb and Swift from Nature Power. When Fly struck, it reduced Ludicolo to low green health before lowering Altair's Attack with Growl. Altair used Fly again (dodging another Nature Power turned Swift in the air) to lower the Carefree Pokémon to the yellow, before losing a significant amount of HP when finally struck by a critical Swift from Nature Power. With one more use of Fly, Altair evaded one more hit from Ludicolo and finally took it down. He earned enough experience to get to Level 32 as a result.

Emile reluctantly kept Altair on the field for May's Slugma, only because he unintentionally turned down the opportunity to switch out. He tried to incapacitate the Lava Pokémon by putting it to sleep with Sing but missed, allowing it to buff its Defense with Harden. Altair used two Take Downs to bring Slugma (which used another Harden in between) to half, before it nearly finished off the Cotton Bird with a Rock Throw (in addition to the recoil Altair recieved from each Take Down). He then successfully lulled the Fire Type to sleep with Sing before attempting a Steel Wing on the following turn. The attack missed, and Slugma then woke up to burn down Altair's last Hit Points with Ember, defeating him.

Episode 33

Altair flew Emile to Dewford Town so he could obtain TM36 Sludge Bomb, which he would teach to Acooltent. Afterwards, Altair flew Emile back to Lilycove City so he could travel to Mt. Pyre.

In the interior of Mt. Pyre, Altair came out in the battle against Black Belt Zandar and his Hariyama, which had already beaten Moegami (who solely did a chip to damage). Altair used Fly, dodging the Fighting Type's Knock Off in the air and reducing it to the yellow. While Knock Off struck the next turn, it did only three HP to the Cotton Bird. He was also still faster despite losing his Quick Claw. Using a second Fly, Altair evaded another Knock Off and successfully knocked out Hariyama.

Altair was next used along with Teddy in a double battle with Young Couple Dez and Luke, who sent out their Manectric and Delcatty. Targeting the Electric Type, Altair put it into the red zone with a critical Take Down, while losing a decent amount of his health from the recoil. Meanwhile, Teddy used Strength, which brought down more than half of Delcatty's own HP. Though the Prim Pokémon put Altair into the yellow with three hits from Double Slap, and the Discharge Pokémon forced Teddy out of the battle via Roar, Acooltent (who was dragged out as a result), defeated both Pokémon with Surf.

On the third floor, Altair partook in the battle with Pokémon Breeder Gabrielle, going up against her Lotad. He knocked it out in one hit with Fly, while the Water Weed only used Mist while he was in the air. Altair then defeated Gabrielle's Seedot in the same way, dodging a Nature Power turned Swift while flying, and scoring a (pointless) critical when his move landed. He grew to Level 33 as a result. Emile then called back Altair and sent out Kappa for Gabrielle's Taillow.

On the fifth floor, Emile fought another Black Belt: Atsushi. Altair came out when Atsushi's Hariyama took down Teddy, but not before she weakened it to the yellow. Mirroring the earlier battle with Zandar, Altair used Fly to finish off the Arm Thrust Pokémon, while again evading a Knock Off in midair.

Hex Maniac Valerie on the sixth floor proved to be a nuisance with her Sableye. Altair used Fly to avoid a Fury Swipes from the Darkness Pokémon. However, that allowed it to use Detect to prevent Fly from hitting it. Altair then resorted to Steel Wing, which only did about one fifth to Sableye, who retaliated with Faint Attack. This nearly knocked out the already weakened Normal/Flying Type, reducing him to the red zone. The Dark/Ghost Type then spammed Detect four times in a row. Altair's Steel Wing was neutered on the first turn. While the second Detect failed and enabled Steel Wing to bring Sableye to the low green, it managed to execute the move on the third and fourth consecutive attempts. Altair was able to strike with one more Steel Wing that dropped Sableye to the yellow before he fell to another Faint Attack.

In spite of being unconscious, Emile had Altair fly him to Lilycove City to heal before returning to Mt. Pyre to confront Team Aqua at the peak. For the last battle against the pair of Aqua Grunts who battled together, Altair was sent out after Moegami was KO'd from knocking out the male Grunt's Carvanha (due to Rough Skin). Altair didn't use any moves, as Teddy used Strength beat the female Grunt's Zubat in one hit with ease. Once Archie and the rest of Team Aqua left, Altair once again flew Emile back to Lilycove so he could heal.

Episode 34

While in the Safari Zone, Emile found a Calcium. He gave it to Altair to boost his base Special Attack, which would benefit him in his evolved form, and make up for his decreased Special Attack from his Adamant Nature.

On Route 123, Emile fought Guitarist Fernando and Bird Keeper Alberto. However, Alberto's Pelipper gave Emile trouble, and Kappa was taken out. Emile then sent out Altair so he could help Moegami win the battle. Altair took only six HP of damage in the process.

Further down the same route, Altair and Acootent battled in tandem with Psychic Jacki and Expert Frederick. While the latter trainer's Makuhita used Fake Out to flinch Altair, Acooltent knocked it out with Surf. However, Jacki's Kadabra barely held on in the red zone from the same attack. The experience from Makuhita elevated Altair to Level 34.

Before the turn ended, Kadabra used Future Sight as Frederick sent out his Machoke. On the next turn, Acooltent used Surf a second time, which not only washed away the last of Kadabra's HP, but all of Machoke's thanks to a critical. Jacki's last Pokémon was a Lunatone, that easily withstood Altair's Take Down. Regardless, Altair took little recoil before Acooltent finished off the Meteorite Pokémon with a third Surf.

Episode 35

Emile used Altair to battle many of the Team Magma Grunts in the Magma Hideout. For the first Grunt, Altair used Fly to hit his Poochyena (which only used Odor Sleuth while he was in the air). However, he missed with the attack, and was forced out of the battle when Poochyena used Roar. Kappa (who took the field as a result) then had to knock it out instead.

In the second room, Altair fought a male Magma Grunt's Numel. He brought down over half of its HP with Fly (evading an Ember in the sky) and taking little damage from said move after landing. While he missed with a second Fly, he again took negligible damage from Ember. Altair used a third Fly, allowing him to dodge a Take Down in midair (which he also did on his missed attempt). The attack connected and finished off the Fire Camel. In the same room, Emile fought a female Grunt and her Mightyena, which he omitted. Altair presumably took part in the battle, but Moegami finished off Mightyena (it is unknown if Emile intentionally switched out or if the Bite Pokémon used Roar).

Altair and Kappa next battled alongside each other in a double battle with a male and female Grunt, who used Mightyena and Numel. In spite of Mightyena's Intimidate cutting both of their Attack stats, the opposing Pokémon gave no difficulty. Kappa led with a Surf, which easily took down Numel, and did about 1/3 to the Dark Type. In the meantime, Altair used Fly, while Mightyena merely used an Odor Sleuth while he flew. On the following turn, the Quick Claw activated, allowing Altair to land his hit, and knock out Mightyena thanks to a critical.

The following Magma Grunt used a Zubat, which Altair knocked out with a single Take Down. While the recoil damage wasn't significant, it put him to half HP combined with the damage from the earlier battles. Immediately after, Emile fought another Grunt with a Poochyena. Altair used Fly once more, which just barely failed to knock it out in one hit. As such, Altair was forced off the field when Poochyena used Roar (which it also tried when he was in midair). Kappa then had to finish it off. Due to the experience being split, Altair was just shy of reaching Level 35.

When Emile fought another Team Magma Grunt in an optional area, he checked Altair's experience. To Emile's surprise, Altair was only two experience points away to his evolution at Level 35. Altair used Steel Wing, taking out more than half of the Magma Grunt's Zubat, which responded by confusing him with Confuse Ray. On the second turn, he fought through the confusion but missed with his next Steel Wing. After taking only five Hit Points of damage from Zubat's Bite, he successfully fought through confusion again to deliver the finishing blow courtesy of another Steel Wing.

The experience finally brought Altair to Level 35 and he evolved into Altaria. He then learned Dragonbreath, which Emile taught in place of Steel Wing. Once that was over, Emile swapped Altair out of the lead spot for Moegami.

Episode 36

Before confronting Team Magma Leader Maxie for the second time at the end of the Magma Hideout, Emile healed his entire team's HP (including Altair's), using the Potions and Oran Berries he had. This was mainly to use up the obsolete healing items. Despite that, Altair was not used in any battles. However, he did fly Emile back to Lilycove City once he left the base though.

Episode 37

Emile returned to Route 123 to obtain TM19 Giga Drain for Kappa to learn, after which Altair flew him back to Lilycove City. When Emile learned that Archie and Team Aqua were in Slateport City, Altair flew him there (while he was Surfing). He then flew him back to Lilycove once more after Archie and his Grunts stole Captain Stern's submarine.

Episode 39

Altair's first battle as an Altaria was in the Mossdeep City Gym, battling with Pandora against Hex Maniac Kathleen and Psychic Nicholas. Their opponents had Kadabra and Wobbuffet. Altair began with Dragonbreath on Wobbuffet, which only did about a fifth of its bulky HP, while Pandora reduced Kadabra (which used Future Sight) to a sliver of red HP with Slash. Due to Dragonbreath being Special, Wobbuffet's attempted Counter failed.

On the next turn, Altair again only did about 1/5 to Wobbuffet with Dragonbreath, putting the Patient Pokémon in the low green area. At that time, Pandora knocked out Kadabra via Bite, despite it restoring a good amount of HP with Recover. At the end of that turn, Wobbuffet shielded its side of the field from status aliments by using Safeguard. With Kadabra defeated, Altair and Pandora next focused their attacks (Dragonbreath and Slash) on Wobbuffet, doing enough combined damage to put it at only a chip of red HP. The Patient Pokémon then used Destiny Bond, in an attempt to take down one of Emile's Pokémon with it. Though Kadabra's Future Sight ended up failing to damage Altair, he fainted as a result of Destiny Bond when his next Dragonbreath finished off Wobbuffet.

Between Episodes 39 and 40

In a short segment that was shown in Episode 37, but took place later, Emile revisited Route 123 another time. During that time, Altair took little damage from battles and was raised to Level 36.

Episode 40

Following additional offscreen training, Altair gained two more levels, making him Level 38.

Emile used Altair and Teddy for his battle against Mossdeep Gym Leaders Tate and Liza. The Psychic Twins began with Xatu and Claydol. Teddy tried to knock out Xatu in one shot with Hyper Beam, only to miss. This allowed the Mystic Bird to boost its Special Attack and Special Defense stats one stage each with Calm Mind. Altair focused his Dragonbreath on Claydol, which only did a small amount to the bulky Ground/Psychic Type. He remained unaffected by Claydol's Earthquake due to him (and Xatu) being part Flying Type (the attack only hit Teddy as a result). As Teddy had to loaf around on the next turn, Xatu set up a Sunny Day. Altair used another Dragonbreath on Claydol, which put it around the mid green area. He again took no damage from Claydol's Earthquake. For the third turn, Teddy successfully beat Xatu with her Hyper Beam, prompting Tate and Liza to send out their Lunatone. Altair then put Claydol in low green HP with his third Dragonbreath, which also paralyzed it. Despite that, Claydol got off another Earthquake, with Altair (and Lunatone thanks to Levitate) being unaffected yet again.

When Teddy had to loaf around again, Altair redirected his Dragonbreath on Lunatone, merely taking out a chip of its HP before it defeated Teddy (who was already weakened from the previous Earthquakes) with a Psychic. Emile next sent out Pandora in Teddy's place, who took no damage switching in thanks to her Typing of Dark giving her immunity to Claydol's attempted Psychic attack. Altair and Pandora then double targeted Lunatone with Dragonbreath and Shadow Ball (with the Meteorite Pokémon using Calm Mind to raise its Special Attack and Special Defense in between). Their combined damage reduced it to a sliver of red health. After Claydol ended up being fully paralyzed that turn, Lunatone's Sitrus Berry healed it back to the low yellow area. Altair used yet another Dragonbreath to put the Rock/Psychic to the red again. Though the attack paralyzed it, Lunatone wasn't fully paralyzed and it took out about half of his health with Psychic (amplified by the earlier Calm Mind). Pandora then finished it off with Shadow Ball.

At the end of that turn, Tate and Liza sent out Solrock, while Claydol was fully paralyzed a second time. Furthermore, the Sunny Day faded. Altair used Dragonbreath on Solrock, which immediately paralyzed it despite only doing a small amount. Solrock however broke through the paralysis and used Sunny Day. Pandora's Shadow Ball then brought it to the low yellow zone and caused a Special Defense drop. On top of that, Claydol was fully paralyzed for the third turn in a row. Even with Solrock healing a bit of its health with its equipped Sitrus Berry, Altair and Pandora's respective attacks (Dragonbreath and Shadow Ball) were enough to knock it out. While Claydol successfully fought through the paralysis and used Psychic on Altair, it only dropped him to the red zone. This allowed him and Pandora to finally take out the Ground/Psychic Type with another Dragonbreath/Shadow Ball combo, winning Emile the battle and the Mind Badge.

After Emile fought his way through the Team Magma Grunts attacking the Mossdeep Space Center, he switched Altair out of the second spot in his party.

Episode 41

Emile allied himself with Steven Stone to battle Team Magma Leader Maxie and Magma Admin Tabitha together in the Mossdeep Space Center. Altair was one of the Pokémon Emile used. He sent him out in place of Teddy against Maxie's Crobat (at full health) and Tabitha's Camerupt (in the yellow zone) to fight alongside Steven's Metang. After Altair entered the field, Crobat merely used Mean Look to lock Metang into battle. The Steel/Psychic Type responded with a super effective Psychic, taking off more than half of the Bat Pokémon's HP. Meanwhile, Camerupt used Focus Energy to get itself pumped. On the next turn, Altair used Take Down on Crobat. Surprisingly, the attack simply put it in the red (with Altair taking minor damage from the recoil). Metang (who handily withstood a critical Wing Attack) depleted Crobat's Hit Points with another Psychic. As Maxie sent out his own Camerupt, Tabitha's Camerupt attacked Altair with Take Down. It reduced him to about half HP thanks to a critical, while the Fire Camel also took a bit of damage from the recoil.

Altair and Metang double targeted their attacks (Dragonbreath and Psychic) on Maxie's Camerupt, doing enough together to put it at half HP. However, it and Tabitha's Camerupt both used Take Down on Altair, overwhelming him and knocking him out from the combined damage (with both again taking minimal recoil damage).

Once Emile drove Team Magma away from the Space Center, he healed Altair and his team offscreen before going to Route 124 to explore the underwater areas using the newly obtained HM for Dive. Altair did take some damage from battles that weren't shown. Later, he flew Emile back to Mossdeep.

Episode 42

Altair was elevated to Level 39 offscreen. While he wasn't used in any battles, he flew Emile to Slateport City to deliver the Scanner from the Abandoned Ship to Captain Stern. After that errand, Altair flew Emile to Dewford Town so he could briefly return to the ship before he flew him back to Mossdeep City.

Pokémon Platinum

Episode 67: The Second Journey

Emile, in order to show off Pal Park, transferred and re-captured his team from Pokémon Emerald, including Altair.

 Other Appearances

Yoshiller VS. Chuggaaconroy!

Despite being in the party, Altair did not participate in the titular battle.


Current Moves

  • Fly (Episode 26 - Present)
  • Sky Attack (Episode ? - Present)
  • Dragon Dance (Episode ? - Present)
  • Dragon Claw (Episode ? - Present)

Previous Moves

  • Growl (Episode 16 - Episode 16)
  • Peck (Episode 16 - Episode 26)
  • Astonish (Episode 16 - Episode 28)
  • Steel Wing (Episode 16 - Episode 35)
  • Sing (Episode 16 - Episode ?)
  • Take Down (Episode 28 - Episode ?)
  • Dragonbreath (Episode 35 - Episode ?)


  • Altair is Chugga's 2nd Dragon type, after Volvagia.
    • In fact, both of them have the same typing (Dragon/Flying).
    • Though, their Base Stat Totals are drastically different.
  • Altair was named after one of the stars in the sky (A reference to Aquilla from Marriland's Pokémon Platinum Walkthrough). Not after Altaïr from the Assassin's Creed series, which results in Chuggaaconroy pronouncing its name differently than some viewers are used to hearing it.
  • Coincidentally, Altair is the name of a robotic bird-like creature and Lync Volan's former Guardian Bakugan from Bakugan: New Vestroia, however it has no relation.
  • Altair was once 2 experience points away from leveling up, which Chugga made a huge deal about.
    • Before Emile entered the Driftveil Gym in Pokemon Black and White episode 28, he saw Terrabite was only one point away.
  • When Altair evolved, Chuggaaconroy said that he knew what to name him.
  • As of ORAS, he is the third Pokémon in Chugga's Emerald team capable of Mega Evolution.
    • Altaria got its Mega Evolution in ORAS, with new character, Lisia, making use of it.
  • Altair never got to use Sky Attack, unlike Trifecta, and rarely used Dragon Dance despite its 70 Base Attack stat.
  • Altair, along with Emile's other Pokemon from Emerald, has been migrated to his Platinum Let's Play file.
  • Altair was the first Pokémon re-obtained by Emile in the Pal Park.