Acooltent is Emile's Tentacruel in his Let's Play of Pokémon Emerald. He was the fourth Pokémon to join Emile's team. Acooltent, along with the rest of the Emerald team, was transferred to Pokémon Platinum through the Pal Park

Pokémon Emerald

Episode 7

Emile caught him as a Tentacool offscreen at Level 5 in a Great Ball. He originally caught Acoolslave (at Level 10) to use on his team, but caught Acooltent to use instead because his Ability (Clear Body) was better than Acoolslave's (Liquid Ooze).

Acooltent is shown to have a Lonely Nature, which boosts his Attack but lowers his Defense.

Episode 8

Emile did training offscreen, during which Acooltent grew four levels up to Level 9. He was also given the Experience Share to help grow faster.

Emile then battled Brawly, Gym Leader of Dewford Town. Acooltent grew to Level 10 from the Exp Share after Moegami took out Brawly's Machop.

Acooltent then made his first onscreen use in battle against Brawly's Meditite. While the Fighting/Psychic Type was six levels higher, and had typing advantage, it posed no threat since its only damaging move was Focus Punch. Acooltent constantly hit it with Poison Sting to break Meditite's focus every time it tried Focus Punch, and poisoned it after the second hit. After it was weakened to low health from a fifth Poison Sting (and poison damage), Brawly healed up Meditite with a Super Potion, which forced Acooltent to weaken him down with another five Poison Stings. Brawly then healed with a second Super Potion, to Emile's frustration. Acooltent's persistence paid off in the end, as yet another five Poison Stings (the last being critical) combined with poison damage finally finished off Meditite's HP. Acooltent gained all the experience from Meditite, allowing him to level up to Level 11.

Acooltent stayed on the field for Brawly's Makuhita. Despite being eight levels lower, Acooltent was faster. He tried confusing Makuhita with Supersonic but missed, allowing the Guts Pokémon to use Bulk Up to raise its Attack and Defense by one stage each. The Jellyfish Pokémon connected with Supersonic on the next turn, causing Makuhita to hit itself in confusion. Acooltent then used a Poison Sting, which did a small bit of damage but also poisoned Makuhita. Makuhita however broke through the confusion and struck with Vital Throw, which overwhelmed and took out Acooltent in spite of his resistance to Fighting.

Episode 9

During offscreen training, Acooltent gained two levels, which made him Level 13.

Emile battled against two Team Aqua Grunts in Slateport City's Oceanic Museum to defend Captain Stern. He led with Acooltent against the first Grunt's Carvanha. Acooltent struck first with Poison Sting, which poisoned the Savage Pokémon. It then used Bite, taking away 11 out of 36 of his HP before poison damaged it. The Jellyfish Pokémon's next Poison Sting was critical, putting Carvanha below half of its health. However, Carvanha then used Rage, which in turn put Acooltent below half. He was then switched out for Teddy to finish the battle.

Acooltent next came out against the second Grunt's Zubat, but was immediately switched out for Teddy.

Episode 10

Acooltent battled alongside Teddy against Pokéfans Isabel and Kaleb, who each had a Plusle and Minun. He soely used Poison Sting while Teddy could only attack every other turn. After Isabel's Plusle and Kaleb's Minun both used Helping Hand pointlessly, Acooltent's Poison Sting and Teddy's Scratch reduced Plusle's HP to just above half. When Teddy was incapacitated by Truant the next turn, Acooltent's next hit put Plusle in the yellow zone. This activated its Oran Berry to restore it to the mid green zone. Following another pair of useless Helping Hands, Acooltent scored a critical with Poison Sting to undo the Oran Berry's restoration. Teddy's Scratch then brought Plusle to red health, allowing him to finish it off with one more hit (after a third set of useless Helping Hands). Acooltent then grew to Level 14.

Isabel then sent out her Minun. While Teddy used Yawn to put Kaleb's to sleep, Acooltent's Poison Sting only did a sliver to Isabel's. On Teddy's off turn, Isabel's Minun used Helping Hand, and Kaleb's paralyzed Acooltent with Thunder Wave. He wasn't fully paralyzed however, as he hit and poisoned Isabel's Minun with Poison Sting, with the poison damaging it at the end of the turn. Once Kaleb's Minun fell asleep, Teddy got a critical with Scratch to reduce Isabel's to red HP, allowing Acooltent to take it out with another hit (which was also a critical, but pointless).

When Teddy loafed around on the next turn, Emile cured Acooltent's paralysis with a Cheri Berry before having it attack again. Poison Sting once again did negligible damage to Kaleb's Minun, which woke up that turn. The following turn, Acooltent took his first hit from Minun's Quick Attack, before he succeeded in poisoning it with his next hit. Teddy followed with Scratch to knock it to yellow health, which triggered its Oran Berry to restore it to the green zone. After the poison damage, Minun was just above half. Next, Minun hit Acooltent with Quick Attack again (not doing much damage) before he hit with Poison Sting when Teddy loafed around (poison again damaging Minun). Though another Quick Attack put him into yellow health, Acooltent and Teddy succeeded in knocking out Minun with a Poison Sting/Scratch combo.

Kaleb then sent out his own Plusle. With Teddy loafing around yet again, its Quick Attack put Acooltent's HP to the low yellow zone before it used Poison Sting. Plusle used Growl on the next turn, which only affected Teddy thanks to Acooltent's Clear Body Ability. After another Poison Sting/Scratch combo knocked Plusle below half and activated yet another Oran Berry to restore it to green health, Emile cut out the rest of the battle. The experience rewarded Acooltent with a level up to Level 15.

Due to holding the Exp Share, Acooltent gained part of the experience from the trainers Emile battled in the Trick House's first puzzle. He was later healed offscreen.

Acooltent then took part in Emile's third battle against May further on Route 110. He was sent out in Moegami's place to battle May's Lombre. This proved to be a good switch, as his Clear Body Ability protected him from the effects of Lombre's Growl. Although Poison Sting was super effective, it only did a chip of Lombre's HP. The Jolly Pokémon responded with an Astonish, doing 9 out of Acooltent's 40 HP. Acooltent then successfully poisoned Lombre with his next Poison Sting. This did extra damage at the end of the turn to put Lombre to low green health, but not before its Nature Power turned Swift reduced Acooltent to 12 HP. He then resorted to use Supersonic, which connected and confused Lombre. However, it fought through the confusion and finished off the Jellyfish Pokémon with another Nature Power turned Swift.

Episode 11

When Emile did offscreen training, Acooltent grew two levels, making him Level 17. Emile then took the Exp Share from Acooltent to give to Teddy instead.

Acooltent and Moegami battled together against Collector Edwin and Guitarist Joseph in a cut battle. They later fought Psychic Edward and Triathlete Alyssa, who had Abra and Magnemite respectively. Acooltent used Poison Sting on Abra, doing about a quarter of its HP and poisoning it. His typing of Water/Poison kept him unaffected by Abra's Synchronize Ability. Abra then barely did any damage to Acooltent with Hidden Power. After Moegami defeated Magnemite with an Ember, and the poison reduced Abra to low green health, he finished off Abra with another Ember to give both him and Acooltent (as well as Teddy via Exp Share) the experience.

Episode 12

When Emile battled Bug Maniac Angelo and Guitarist Shawn in the Mauville City Gym, Acooltent grew to Level 18 from the Exp Share.

Acooltent grew two more levels to Level 20 after Emile trained on Route 117 offscreen, learning Acid at Level 19.

During the battle with Gym Leader Wattson, his Manectric knocked out Moegami, but not before he burned it. Emile then sent out Acooltent, with the Electric Type Pokémon in yellow HP. Surprisingly, Acooltent was able to survive a super effective Shock Wave with one HP. However, his Acid combined with the burn damage only put Manectric in the red zone, prompting Wattson to heal it with a Super Potion. On that turn, he attempted to confuse it with Supersonic, but missed. Manectric then took out Acooltent with a Quick Attack.

Episode 13

On Route 117, Emile fought against Bug Catcher Derek, initially sending out Acooltent for his Dustox. He was immediately swapped out for Moegami. The same thing happened for Hiker Mike and his first Geodude in Rusturf Tunnel, this time switching over to Kappa. Following that battle, Emile gave Acooltent the Exp Share again.

Episode 14

Emile participated in a series of battles with the Winstrate family, during which Acooltent grew to Level 21 from the Exp Share when Kappa defeated Victoria's Roselia.

Acooltent later fought in the battle against Picnicker Carol further north on Route 112, facing her Lombre. He used Poison Sting which immediately poisoned Lombre, bringing it to low green HP. Meanwhile, Acooltent was unaffected by its Growl thanks to Clear Body. While Emile mistakingly had Acooltent use a second Poison Sting, it brought it to the low yellow zone in conjunction with the poison damage. Once Acooltent only lost 11/53 HP to a Nature Power turned Swift, he defeated Lombre with an Acid. The experience raised him to Level 22.

Episode 15

Acooltent did not participate in any battles onscreen, but he gained experience from the Exp Share. As a result, he grew to Level 23 after Emile beat Youngster Dillon and his Aron on Route 113.

Episode 16

Once again, Acooltent wasn't used in any battles onscreen. But thanks to the Exp Share, he grew to Level 24 offscreen. Emile used an HP Up on Acooltent to raise his base HP. He then took the Exp Share from Acooltent and gave it to the newly caught Altair.

Episode 17

Acooltent was presumably used along with Teddy in a cut battle with Collector Hector and Psychic Marlene on Route 115.

Emile then switched Acooltent into the lead before battling the Team Magma Grunts atop Mt. Chimney, once again with Teddy by his side. The male Grunt had a Zubat while the female had a Numel. Teddy easily beat Zubat with Strength, while Acooltent used Acid. Despite being not very effective, the move scored a critical hit on Numel, taking away one third of its health. The Numb Pokémon then got a 7 with Magnitude, nearly depleting Acooltent's HP. Teddy however took it well, and used another Strength to finish it off.

Before fighting Magma Admin Tabitha, Emile used two Potions to heal Acooltent to 44 out of 60 HP, mainly to use up the obsolete healing items. However, Acooltent was only briefly sent out against Tabitha's first Numel, and was withdrawn for Teddy.

Episode 18

Acooltent was Emile's opener for his battle against Team Magma Leader Maxie on top of Mt. Chimney. Maxie led with his Mightyena, whose Intimidate Ability was suppressed by Acooltent's Clear Body. However, Acooltent only did a chip to the Dark Type with an Acid, while its retaliatory Bite did more damage. Due to Emile not being fully healed prior to the battle, the attack put Acooltent around half of his HP. He then used Poison Sting. While it also didn't do much damage, it succeeded in poisoning Mightyena, whose next Bite brought Acooltent to about 1/3 health. He was then switched out for Moegami to finish it off.

Episode 19

In Jagged Pass, Emile ran into a Team Magma Grunt, whom he battled. Acooltent took out his Poochyena with three Acids (the third being a pointless critical), while taking no damage due to it only using Sand Attack and Odor Sleuth (the former move negated by Clear Body). As the Grunt went over to his Numel, Emile switched out Acooltent for Moegami.

The next trainer Emile battled was Picnicker Diana, using Acooltent for her Shroomish. Acooltent KOd it with two Acids, though not before Shroomish used Leech Seed to sap a tad of his HP. He originally stayed on the field for Diana's Oddish, which he took out nearly half of its health with Acid. However, the Weed Pokémon put him to sleep via Sleep Powder. Because of that, and his sapped health from Leech Seed, Emile withdrew Acooltent and sent out Moegami instead.

Episode 20

In Lavaridge Town, Emile gave the Quick Claw to Acooltent after he took it off Moegami (in favor of the Charcoal).

Following the battle with Kindler Cole and Cooltrainer Gerald in the Lavaridge Gym, Emile put Acooltent in the front of the party. He battled Kindler Axle and his Numel. However, Acooltent's Acid did very little damage, while Numel's Tackle took out 1/4 of his health. Emile switched out Acooltent for Moegami. Luckily, the split experience was enough to elevate Acooltent to Level 25, when he learned Bubblebeam as his first Water Type attack. Emile immediately deleted Constrict in favor of the far superior move.

Acooltent initially took the field against Battle Girl Danielle and her Meditite, but Emile quickly withdrew him to send out Altair instead.

Episode 21

Acooltent played a crucial role in the battle against Lavaridge Gym Leader Flannery with his newly learned Bubblebeam. He immediately used the move to one hit KO Flannery's Numel thanks to it being 4x effective.

When Flannery sent out her Slugma, Acooltent used Bubblebeam again. However, it only brought Slugma to red health (and lowered its Speed). This let the Lava Pokémon use a Light Screen before Flannery healed it with a Hyper Potion. Though the Light Screen reduced the power of Acooltent's Bubblebeam, he was able to knock Slugma out with two hits regardless.

The Light Screen's effects would be felt more when Acooltent faced Flannery's Camerupt. His quad effective Bubblebeam brought the Fire Camel to the low green zone before it used Attract to infatuate him. This prompted Emile to switch out Acooltent for Moegami.

Emile sent out Acooltent again for Flannery's Torkoal after it beat Moegami. Its White Herb had managed to restore the Special Attack drop from the Overheat used to defeat Moegami. With the Fire Turtle in the yellow zone, Acooltent tried to finish it with Bubblebeam. Unfortunately, the Sunny Day from Flannery's Camerupt weakened the attack enough to allow Torkoal to survive in red HP. It then took out most of Acooltent's HP with Body Slam. Curiously, Flannery didn't heal Torkoal, and Acooltent was able to do enough with another Bubblebeam to deplete the Coal Pokémon's health. This won Emile the battle and the Heat Badge.

While Emile explored the desert area of Route 111, he encountered a wild Cacnea. Acooltent knocked it out with two Acids (missing in between). He also took a bit of damage from the sandstorm, Cacnea's Pin Missile (which hit twice), and Leech Seed.

Emile then fought Camper Beau using Acooltent. He knocked out Beau's first Baltoy with two Bubblebeams (due to the first only reducing it to red HP), and his Sandshrew and second Baltoy with one each. The Jellyfish Pokémon only took damage from the sandstorm since Beau's first Baltoy missed with Rock Tomb.

Acooltent grew to Level 26 during an omitted battle with Picnicker Heidi. He later took out a wild Trapinch with one Bubblebeam. It is unknown if said Trapinch had Arena Trap for its Ability (which prevents Pokémon from running away or switching out if susceptible to Ground Type moves).

Episode 22

When Emile fought the trainers in the Petalburg City Gym, he took the Exp Share off Altair and gave it to Acooltent. He was also sent out a couple of times, but had no success. The first time was against Cooltrainer Jody and her Zangoose in the Strength Room after it knocked out Teddy and Altair. Since it was at a mere sliver of red health, Acooltent tried knocking it out with Acid. The plan fell through, as Zangoose was faster and quickly one shotted him with Slash (already boosted by two Swords Dances). Similarly, Acooltent came out in the battle with Cooltrainer Berke in the One Hit KO Room, after his Vigoroth took down Teddy. With it in yellow HP, he also tried to take it out with Acid. Like before, he was defeated by a single Slash (this time a critical after Vigoroth used Focus Energy).

For the battle with Gym Leader Norman, Acooltent was sent out against Norman's Slaking (which was at about a quarter of its health) after it took out both Kappa and Teddy. Taking advantage of the turn where Slaking loafed around, Acooltent confused it with a Supersonic. Despite the confusion, Slaking struck with Facade, which Acooltent simply wasn't able to endure and knocked him out.

Once Emile won the battle, he received HM03 Surf from Wally's father. He taught Surf to both Acooltent and Kappa (deleting the former's Bubblebeam).

Episode 24

Acooltent evolved into a Tentacruel.

Pokémon Platinum

Episode 67: The Second Journey

Emile, in order to show off Pal Park, transferred and re-captured his team from Pokémon Emerald, including Acooltent.

 Other Appearances

Yoshiller VS. Chuggaaconroy!

Acooltent participated in the titular battle.


Current Moves

  • Surf (Episode 22 - Present)
  • Toxic (Episode 28 - Present)
  • Sludge Bomb (Episode 33 - Present)
  • Barrier (Final B. Episode - Present)

Previous Moves

  • Constrict (Episode 7 - Episode 20)
  • Bubblebeam (Episode 20 - Episode 22)
  • Poison Sting (Episode 7 - Episode 28)
  • Acid (Episode 12 - Episode 33)
  • Supersonic (Episode 7 - Episode ?)

Nickname Origin

AcoolTent is an anagram of "Tentacool." Acooltent was not renamed upon evolution, despite no longer being a Tentacool (because he thought it was ACOOLer nickname). This name was picked because of a Tentacool in Pokémon Stadium for the N64 having the same name. Chuggaaconroy thought this name was ridiculously funny, so he went with it for a nickname. He also thought of a name for when he evolved, which is Acrueltent (an anagram of "Tentacruel"), but it was kept as Acooltent.

072Tentacool AG anime.png


  • Before learning BubbleBeam, Chuggaa often sent out Acooltent against Fire-types, only to remember that his only attacking moves were Poison-type.
  • The move Barrier was seen before he fought the superboss of Pokémon Emerald, Steven Stone, but was never used. It is assumed it was learnt whilst he was training for the battle.
  • Acooltent, along with Emile's other Pokemon from Emerald, has been migrated to his Platinum Let's Play file.
  • Acooltent was the first Pokemon that Emile caught that was often refer as the "most common" Pokemon in every Pokemon game.
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