The 2010 Suspension of Chuggaaconroy from YouTube began on July 19, 2010 and ended when his channel was reinstated after. It occurred due to fraudulent copyright claims.


Strike 1 Edit

Pokémon Crystal - Kanto - Part 14 - (chuggaaconroy)
Video ID: R-N_rz0rRpM
Removed due to a copyright claim by Richard Molina on July 14, 2010

Strike 2 Edit

Pokémon Crystal - Johto Finale - Part 4: Karen - (chuggaaconroy)
Video ID: vqf87angWdc
Removed due to a copyright claim by Lynn Ann Wayne on July 16, 2010

Super Mario Sunshine - Episode 30 - (chuggaaconroy)
Video ID: 5pAW4D9H9Y8
Removed due to a copyright claim by Timothy Bishop on July 16, 2010


Reasons for his suspensionEdit

People have been reporting his videos under fake names, even one user impersonated NintendoCapriSun, using the name Timothy Bishop. He's been suspended along with other YouTubers. Some used names of people at Nintendo claiming the right to take his Pokémon videos down. Another user claimed ownership of his voice. Since videos are not reviewed by YouTube before they get taken down, people have been abusing the system to get Chuggaaconroy taken down. After the two strikes, the vandals finally got their revenge on Chuggaaconroy and got him taken down on July 19, 2010 meaning that he got his third strike on July 19, 2010. During his suspension, YouTubers attempted to convince YouTube to let him back on the site. [2]


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